Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hawaii 2010

Kahili and I are back in Provo missing Hawaii a little more each day. Especially since the day we got back it was pouring rain and 30 degrees colder than we're used to. BUT, we are happy to be home and back to playing lots and lots of sports. I'll save the details of that for another day. Today I just wanted to share some pictures from our trip that I uploaded when I got home and tell the blogging world what we were up to in Hawaii! So , without further ado:

This is in Kahili's backyard before church one day

Before our hike
View from the top of the mountain

Kahili on the hike

Noe's Birthday

The kids' MayDay performance

Babysitting Poki and Ka'e'a (he got into the mud haha)

Kahili with Kia and Pili

Pili's Birthday

The "All Girls" Sleepover

Hawaii's Next Top Model Photoshoot

They sure do love their Uncle Kahili!

The Law School Graduate and proud parents

The whole family at Kau's graduation

As you can see, we had a blast! We are so grateful for family and we are going to miss them so much! We love you guys!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

Kahili and I have TWO wonderful mothers in our life that we are paying tribute to this mothers day. we are so thankful for all of their love and hard work to make us and our families happy. Love you mom!
...and to our other moms who are also part of our lives:

Grandma June

Grandma Helen
Grandma/ Tutu
Auntie Lynn
Auntie June



ALOHA from Waikane, HI!
Kahili and I have been in Hawaii for about 2 weeks and we have a week left on our little getaway. Here's what we have been up to here:

Lots and Lots of Babysitting :)

AJ's Senior Game

Oh, and don't worry... there's more to come :)

a new start....finally!


Kahili and I have had our own blogs since before we got married. When we got married in July 2009 we talked multiple times about making a family blog. Needless to say, we have now been married for 10 months and because of various reasons [school, volleyball, work, LIFE], I am only NOW getting around to actually making our blog.

So, here it is, the Soon family blog. Hopefully I can keep up with this so family and friends can stay up to date with our life as newlyweds [well, kinda newlyweds...]. Love you all!