Sunday, April 14, 2013

19/20 Months

Today Ka'ihilei is 20 months old! I can't believe it! To me, 20 months is almost 2 years old and I just can't imagine having a 2 year old! We are loving life in California because we have Daddy around so much more! It is nice to have him around to play and help me out because 'Ihi has been on the run since we got here. She literally runs around til she crashes and it is fun but very exhausting so I'm glad we are able to share the work a little. Kahili is loving his new property but at times he gets bored cuz he was used to being the 'go-to' person at his last property and he doesn't have very many responsibilities here yet. 'Ihi and I have been enjoying the company of living with my family and the weather has been fabulous. We spend most of our days out in the backyard with Oreo (the family dog) playing in our little pool set up. Well, here's some 'Ihi updates from the past 2 months:

*Words: keys, mine, bowl, food, moon, and she tries to repeat other words that I say or ask her to repeat
*Names: She says Mommy, Daddy, Papa, Gigi, Dodo (Coco), Day (Daylene), Ena (Ka'ena), Lana, Bubba, Noa (Manoa), Tu (Ku), Tutu (Tuti), and Oreo
*She makes correct animal noises for: dog, cat, bird, cow, horse, and lion. We are still working on others.
*She loves music and singing. Her favorite songs right now are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Patty Cake Patty Cake, Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Popcorn Popping
*Her hair is getting so long and I think the sun is bleaching it blonde a little.
*She is not afraid of any dogs. In fact, she loves them and would just run straight up to any dog on the street if we let her. We really have to watch her closely at the park because we don't want her to get bit when she sticks her face right in the dogs face, ha!
*Since moving to Cali, she has started walking backwards around the house sometimes and thinks she's pretty funny when she does it cuz we all laugh.
*Her smile and laugh are contagious. She is always making us laugh because she has such a great personality...until she gets tired HAHA!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter this year was awesome because 'Ihi was finally old enough to enjoy easter egg hunts! Our Easter festivities began on Saturday at our ward Easter party where there was a potluck, activities for the kids, and an egg hunt at the end. We went straight to the Marzorini's after that for more food and fun! Kahili was able to meet us there after work and 'Ihi was able to enjoy that egg hunt a little more. On Sunday we went to church and then had dinner with Grandma June and Uncle Brett at our house. It was a perfect weekend and not too overwhelming for 'Ihi. She loved her presents from the Easter Bunny!

My little Easter Bunny

"Look Mom, there's candy in here!"

The Easter Bunny brought 'Ihi some new shoes, sippy cups, clothes, and candy!

March 2013

-The first week of March was pure craziness. Both 'Ihi and I had our last doctor appointments before we moved. This was my 30 week appointment and everything looked great. 'Ihi got her 18 month check up and shots. She was not a happy camper. These shots have been the hardest so far and my poor baby was inconsolable for about an hour. I tried everything including stopping at McDonalds to get her an ice cream cone but she was just not happy and I could tell her legs hurt really bad. 
-That week was also crazy because the Soons came into town to help us move which we are so appreciative of them for doing. 'Ihi and I picked up Mom, Dad, and Wai from the airport on Tuesday and they helped me pack on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday night after eating at Tucanos, the boys started taking boxes down to our Budget Rental truck. Thursday morning we woke up early, ate some breakfast and finished packing our apartment as the guys took loads down to the truck. It was a pretty quick process thanks to the help we had from the Soons. When we were all packed up and had turned in our keys to the office, we headed out, grabbed some lunch and snacks, and got on the road. We arrived in Las Vegas around 6pm where we had booked the JW Marriott to stay at. It was awesome! We only wish we could have stayed longer because the room was ginormous and the bathtub was majestic. We all enjoyed it, especially 'Ihi! The next day, Friday, we headed into the final leg of our trip around 11am after a good breakfast and the boys playing a bit at the casino. We arrived at our new home (the house I grew up in) at about 3pm and started unpacking right away. What a whirlwind of a move. It definitely left me exhausted!
Hanging with Uncle Wai

On the road again...

The JW

We would all love one of these in our dream house...

-A week after we moved to Cali I was able to meet up with my girlfriends from high school and go to The Cheesecake Factory. It was great to catch up, eat good food, and get out of the house without 'Ihi! :) 

-We slowly got settled into our new home...

Spring in Torrance > Spring in Utah

-We got to go to cousin Kalea's first birthday party at the park. So happy to be close to family!

-We went to watch Auntie Coco play softball in San Diego.

-Lastly, we headed to Hawaii again to attend Tutu's funeral.

'Ihi got to practice being a big sister on her new cousin, Kekua!

At the funeral

Silly goose

February 2013

-Went for our 24 week appointment and 3rd ultrasound. Baby was much better behaved and they were able to get the measurements they needed. She measured 1 lb 10 oz and the heartbeat was 145.

-We had a nice Valentines day activity with Auntie Coco decorating sugar cookies.

-While we were in Hawaii, Kahili had applied for a job at the LAX Marriott for an AYS Supervisor position and the first week of February they called him and asked him to come for an interview! We didn't want to chance him flying standby cuz the flights were pretty full so we bought a ticket using miles. Then I realized the day they wanted him to interview on was Valentines Day so 'Ihi and I decided to fly in a few days before when the flights weren't as full so we could be with him. A few days after we booked his flight, Kahili was looking at jobs again and the Front Desk Supervisor position for the Torrance Marriott (the city where I was born and raised and where my family still lives) had been posted. Kahili applied and emailed the manager right away and explained that he would be in town that week if they could squeeze him in for an interview or even just a visit, he would appreciate it. The manager responded right away and set up an interview time for Thursday. Here's the short version of our trip to LA (the short version is long and for journaling purposes so skip ahead if you don't care to hear about the interviewing process): 'Ihi and I flew in on Tuesday and spent some time with family, Kahili flew in Wednesday and we had dinner with my family before we went and checked into the hotel (the LAX property had offered a room for 2 nights since Kahili was coming in from out of town to interview so we took advantage), Thursday was interview day for both properties and was also Valentines Day and ended up being the most stressful day of my life haha. We woke up and went to breakfast then just hung out since his interview there was scheduled for 12:30. 'Ihi went down for a nap and at noon Kahili started getting ready when he realized he had forgotten his dress shoes at my parents house. I drove like a maniac to the nearest shoe store and he ended up being 10 minutes late to his interview. I found out later that they never said anything about him being late and neither did he. I took 'Ihi swimming and Kahili came to the pool when he was done around 1:45. He said it went well and they would let him know if they could set up a 2nd interview before he left (his flight was Friday morning at 10:30). His interview in Torrance was at 3 and we could have taken up to 30 minutes to get there depending on traffic so we headed out right away but were stopped in the lobby and told they wanted to do the 2nd interview at 4pm. Kahili said yes right away and I casually mentioned that we were heading to Torrance for an appointment and didnt think we would be back in time. They just asked for Kahili to call and let them know if he was going to be late. He went in for his interview at the Torrance property and I swear it was the longest hour of my life. I called and pushed back his other interview to at least 4:30 but didnt know how long he really would be. I would later find out that he was interviewed by 3 different people in 2 hours, the 2nd interview was with the GM and when she found out that 'Ihi and I were waiting out in the car she had us come in to meet her. i got such a good vibe from the Torrance Marriott that I just didnt feel at the LAX one. Kahili missed his 2nd interview at LAX and had to call and apologize. They were understanding and set up a short interview for the morning right before his flight. Both hotels said they would contact him by the end of the next week because they still had interviews to do. I felt discouraged and I think he did too after a full day of interviews and no offers. Long story but the next day when Kahili got back to Utah, he was contacted by both hotels offering him a position. What a blessing! We had the choice between the two hotels and after weighing pros and cons of each, we chose the Torrance Marriott. It was a very stressful and emotional day for me because I had to get Kahili those shoes under a time crunch, entertain 'Ihi in weird environments, be an emotional support to Kahili, and I'm pregnant so every day is emotional :). Thanks to my sister Daylene watching 'Ihi for us, we were able to go out and have a nice dinner at Stacked (a cool burger place) for Valentines Day.
Walk with Gigi

Swimming with Auntie Day

Valentines Day morning

Waiting for Daddy to come out of his interview

Airport adventures

-'Ihi and I flew home from Cali the next Tuesday when the flights were empty again and immediately ad to start packing. Kahili had put in his 2 weeks notice at both his jobs in Utah on Saturday (the day after he got the job). On Wednesday we got a call from my dad letting us know that mom had been in a pretty serious car accident where the car flipped and was totaled but she was fine besides being sore and hurting her back. What a scary thing to happen and to think we were just there and could have been in that car... we are so thankful she was ok!
-The next couple weeks are kind of a blur and involve lots of packing and lots of goodbyes. I was able to go out with my girlfriends from the Huntington (our apartment complex) one last time before we moved. We went to Sub Zero ice cream and saw the movie Safe Haven. These women have been my sanity and emotional support as a first time mom. I was able to go to them to vent or if I ever had parenting questions or was just having a rough day. Their kids were some of 'Ihi's best friends. 
'Ihi and Kason

Girls Night Out!

'Ihi and Junie

Last play date with our Huntington friends

January 2013

-We spent New Years Eve with the Panees and it was awesome! Good food and a good time had by all. The guys even took the kids sledding at midnight.

-Auntie AJ flew in the day after New Years and we got to go sledding again! Then the next day we dropped her off at the MTC.

-'Ihi and I were sick most of the month with various illnesses due to the extremely cold weather (it was in the negatives for most of the month and even hit -10 some days...miserable!) 

-The minute 'Ihi and I were both healthy we took off to Hawaii for some defrosting and family time. Grandma Brede had surgery the week before and wasn't doing well so we knew it might be our last chance to see her (and it was). Uncle Wai also wanted to see his baby girl and Papa and Grandma can never turn down a visit from us :) After 10 days in Hawaii we were planning to go to Cali for a few days but Daddy was getting lonely so we went home to be with him.