Friday, February 22, 2013

Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Yep, I'm pretty far behind on my blogging but I'm gonna try my best to catch up!

Back at the beginning of November when Kahili got home from his little business trip, he found out he would have Thanksgiving off this year but he would have to work Christmas and New Years. He also mentioned how many PTO hours he had so we decided since we have never been to Hawaii for Thanksgiving (Kahili hadn't been since before his mission!), we would look at tickets and try to go. Well, the second Kahili mentioned the possibility to Dad, the tickets were booked (that always seems to happen haha). Dad had miles racked up with Hawaiian Airlines so our tickets were out of Las Vegas.

So excited to be in a hotel room!

Our flight was on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and Kahili had 10 solid days off. Monday after work (around 4pm) we started our drive down to Vegas. Kahili's license had expired on his birthday so I drove the whole way and he took care of 'Ihi. It was a rough drive but worth it! We stayed at a Marriott in Vegas and then on Tuesday we met up with Kahili's cousin, Casey who took us to the airport and let us keep our car at his house while we were gone. The flight was long (almost 6 hours) but it was nice that I had Kahili there to help me keep 'Ihi entertained. I had a whole activity bag packed for her and we went through it all (coloring, modeling clay, dry erase board, books, snacks, kindle with games, and we used Kahili's computer to play with photobooth and take selfies). We also walked the aisles, had lots of different snacks, and i think she slept about 2 hours of the trip. 

Eating a 'nana' at Papa's house

Being in Hawaii for Thanksgiving was awesome! I couldn't believe how much food there was, I should have taken a picture. I think we had three different turkeys (traditional, fried, and kalua) along with all the other traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Needless to say, we ate a ton of food. My favorite thing about being in Hawaii is how many cousins 'Ihi has around to play with. She is so happy there and had so much fun playing with her cousins at Papa and Grandma's house and they even got to go to the beach together. 

The flight home seemed a lot shorter because 'Ihi slept more and we got in to Vegas around midnight. Casey picked us up from the airport and we were lucky to be able to spend the night at their house that night. The next morning, we started our trip back to Provo around 10 am. Kahili started driving until we stopped for lunch at Cafe Rio in Cedar City. Then I took over driving cuz I was getting car sick and my back hurt from trying to entertain 'Ihi. 

It was a long trip but so worth it! We love being around family and it was so much fun to be able to see 'Ihi interact with her cousins more!

Here comes the picture overload:

 'Ihi stealing Ku's snacks

 All 13 grandkids eating Sunday dinner

 Family pic at the beach

 Daddy and 'Ihi visiting Tutu Brede (she had a minor heart attack while we were in Hawaii)

 At the beach with Uncle Ty and Auntie Alana having a picnic

 All the kids out on the lawn in front of Papa and Grandma's house

 'Ihi didn't love the water but she sure enjoyed playing in the sand

 Kahili, 'Ihi, and Tutu

 Bath time with cousin, Ku

 Why do we even buy toys? Laundry baskets are more fun!

 'Ihi and Auntie Alana

'Ihi and Daddy at the beach