Thursday, May 26, 2011

CA Lovin'

Yeah, I'm a bit late on this post seeing as how I got home on Saturday and it is now Thursday but I have been lazy. So, here it is.

2 weeks ago (May 10th), I flew to California to play "mom" to my 2 little sisters while my parents flew out to Hawaii for Amanda's graduation. Well, they didn't leave until Friday (due to the joys of flying standby) so the first couple of days were just lazy days for me. I read, exercised, took my parents back and forth to the airport about 10 times, picked kids up from seminary, napped, and watched Coco play softball. Then, when my parents finally got out on the last flight Friday night, the real FUN started!

Friday evening- Daylene and I made homemade pizookies just like the ones from BJs, but better! We made the cookie dough from scratch and topped it with the homemade vanilla ice cream my mom had made earlier in the week and hot fudge. They were delicious! (Coco was too cool for us and went out to dinner with some friends.) Then we picked up Kahili from the airport and took him to Jack in the Box (of course).

Saturday- Kahili, Daylene, Coco, and I went to Steve's for lunch and then headed to Mulligans for some mini golf. It was fun and we kept score but I don't think we ever tallied it up (probably a good thing cuz we are all so competitive). We got home just in time for Kahili to go pick up Tyler and Alana from the airport. They came to spend a few days in the sun with us. That night, Daylene had basketball practice and Coco had another dinner with her friends so my cousin Kyle took Kahili, Ty, Alana, and I down to Rocky Cola Cafe to eat dinner.

Sunday- We all went to church in the morning and then had a fun BBQ! My aunt and uncle went with my mom and dad to AJ's graduation so another cousin was watching their 3 kids. We had all of them over and my grandma and uncle. We ate lots of yummy food (steak, chicken, fruit, mac salad, rice, green salad, and brownies) and then just hung out.

Monday- With permission from my mom, we pulled Coco and Daylene out of school on Monday and we all headed to DISNEYLAND! I couldn't go on about half of the rides but we all had a really good time and the World of Colors show at the end of the night was definitely the highlight of the day.

Tuesday- We were all a bit tired from all the excitement on Monday so Tuesday we took it easy. Daylene had a short day at school and then had some friends over to play. Oreo (our family dog who is still very young and not neutered) got out of the backyard so Tyler chased him around the block on foot while Kahili tried to find them in the car (typical). haha. Then Kahili, Ty, and Alana went to the beach. We ended the night by going to Auntie June and Uncle Brian's house for dinner and dessert because they had gotten home that morning.

Wednesday- I took Kahili and the Yates' to the airport early in the morning then went to pick the kids up from seminary. My parents were supposed to get in around the same time but didn't end up making it on the flight. After I got the kids off to school, I went shopping at Old Navy and found some great deals. My parents finally got in around 4:30 so I went and picked them up and my dad and I went to pick up Ramona's for dinner.

Thursday- Coco had her first round CIF game and they won! She even hit a homerun!

Friday- Mom and I went to farmer's market in the morning and prepared for the shower all day. Then I went and got my nails done and picked up the cake. Before we knew it, people were showing up for the baby shower! There were about 50 women there (family, friends, and some church people) and we had a great time. I am so thankful for all the gifts we received for our little girl. She is already so spoiled!

Saturday- Mom took me to the airport and I flew back to Utah.

I had a great time in California and it was so nice to spend time with my little sisters. Hopefully they will be able to come up and visit me in Utah this summer!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today was a great day! It started out with Kahili waking me up and bringing me breakfast in bed. It consisted of some delicious portuguese sausage, chocolate chip waffles, and strawberries with whip cream and brown sugar. Yummmm!

Then, we went to our new ward, North Park 1st ward. We were nervous but it was nice to have the Yates' in our ward still (Kahili and Tyler have been in the same ward since they got to BYU in 2003 and right now they are living further than they have ever lived from each other---1 block! haha). The ward gave all the women pots of flowers for Mother's Day. After church, Kahili and I went home and watched a Hallmark movie and just relaxed. We ended the night by talking to our families. Kahili talked to them on the phone and I was able to Skype with my family that was at my grandmas house. It was great!

I am so thankful for all the wonderful women in my life who have raised me and helped me accomplish all my goals. I am especially grateful for my mom who has sacrificed so much to give me the best life possible. I love her very much and don't tell her often enough. Love you mom!

Friday, May 6, 2011

ABC Book

I have been working on this little project off and on for over a year now. I originally started it when I first got my sewing machine from my lovely hubby for Valentines Day 2010. I just finished it this week (May 2011). I stopped sewing for a long time in between (for volleyball season and then school) but when I graduated, I decided I would finish it! So, here it is! Enjoy!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was talking to my Papa and telling him about this quilt that I made this semester. I am very proud of it. I made it out of some of my volleyball practice shirts and just some shirts I got while playing volleyball at BYU. I may possibly make another one because I still have tons of shirts left! haha. Anyways, here's how it turned out:

I absolutely love it!