Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lehua- 2 months

Lehua is such a good baby. She is very chill and seems to just go with the flow. Her big sister loves her very much and likes to hold her every day. They are so cute together and I can already tell they are going to be best friends. 

*About a week before she turned 2 months old, Lehua started sleeping through the night consistently. She sleeps from about 10pm-7am give or take an hour. This is so nice for me especially since I have been exhausted from coaching volleyball everyday.  

*She refuses to take a bottle or pacifier. It has been really rough on me but luckily I only have to be gone for about 4 hours a day so she isn't going too long in between feedings. 

*When she is up during the day, she is very active. She is able to scoot herself across a blanket pretty fast for being so little. 

*The doctor says she is growing perfectly and is an over achiever for an exclusively breastfed baby. 


Lehua- 1month old

Lehua is growing so fast! Here are some of the things she did at 1 month old...

*She loves being on her tummy and prefers to sleep on her tummy too. 

*She is a strong baby just like her sister. She is able to hold her neck up pretty easily and it looks like she wants to crawl around already when she does her tummy time. 

*She has always been a good sleeper since she was born. I don't think she ever woke up more than once to eat at night then she always goes right back to sleep. 

*She has already been to Disneyland and the Aquarium in Long Beach. We have to keep big sister entertained so Lehua gets to come too!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Funny 'Ihi Story

A couple days ago 'Ihi had a funny moment with Kahili and I really wanted to have it recorded so she can see what she was like as a kid. Kahili was playing his video game on the bed after work, I was feeding Lehua, and 'Ihi was running around the house like a crazy. Typical day in our house. 

'Ihi: Daddy! Daddy, come! 
Kahili continues to play his video game
'Ihi: Come, Daddy! Come, come! 
She wanted him to come play with her but Daddy was tired and in the video game zone... I watched her and she looked defeated then all of a sudden she looked like a lightbulb went off in her brain. She looked up at Kahili. 
'Ihi: Daddy, potty! 
Kahili paused his game and jumped off the bed, 
Kahili: Oh, you have to go potty!?
'Ihi: Nope. Daddy, come! (She takes his hand and leads him out of the room.)

I about died of laughter. She knows we will all drop whatever we're doing if she says she has to go potty. What a little stinker!