Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today we went on a family date to the pumpkin patch/corn maze in Orem. I have been wanting to take 'Ihi for a couple weeks now and today was the perfect day to go! It was a beautiful fall day, perfect for being outside. We headed to Orem because that was where the closest pumpkin patch was. I remember going to the pumpkin patch as a kid and loving it so I thought it would be a good tradition to start in our family. Can you believe Kahili had never been to a pumpkin patch before?! I sure couldn't! We had so much fun walking around looking for a pumpkin and walking around the corn maze. I think 'Ihi liked it too. She was looking around at all the different colors and posing for some pictures. Anyways, we took lots of pictures so here they are:

After the pumpkin patch, we went to one of our favorite places to eat out. Spicy Thai. That's where the last picture came from. Well, next week we will be carving our pumpkins so look for a post coming up about that. Until then,
Happy Fall!

Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Months- Ka'ihilei

I seriously cannot believe I am the mother of a 2 month old! It truly feels like Ka'ihilei has been part of our family forever...I can't imagine life without her. She is the sweetest little girl and she brings so much joy to our home. I feel like she changes everyday and is growing so fast, TOO fast! It's hard to believe you can love someone so much. This morning when Kahili got home from work he just kept kissing her and saying, "Man, I could sit here and kiss her all day!" :)

At her 2 month check up yesterday she weighed 11.5 lbs and was 22 3/4 long. She got 3 shot vaccines and 1 oral vaccine and she was a champ! She took the oral one really well (the nurse said it tastes like kettle corn- lucky 'ihi!) and then I gave her the pacifier for the shots. Well, that didn't last long! She spit that sucker out right when she felt the first shot. She didn't cry too much though because right after I was able to pick her up and then I nursed her right after. Before we even left the office she was asleep like a little angel. When she woke up, she was a little fussy but I fed her and Kahili gave her some Tylenol and then she fell asleep again. She is such a good baby!

Here are a few things I wrote down throughout the month that are "new" (to us at least):

1. She drools a TON...just like Daddy! I Have to put a burp pad under her wherever I put her down to sleep because if I don't, she leaves a big drool stain behind.

2. She pulls my hair all the time and it hurts! When she's feeding she grabs for my hair and even when I'm just holding her. I hope she grows out of this habit or I'm not gonna have any more hair pretty soon.

3. She love, love, LOVES her pacifier! It calms her down almost instantly and it's also nice because if we are out and not able to feed her right away, her pacifier will keep her content until I am able to feed her.

4. She has officially found her voice! In the morning, she is such a happy little girl and I just lay her down on a blanket and we talk about what we are going to do that day. I love that time.

5. On September 27th she slept through the night, 7 hours straight! I was so excited I moved her to her crib in her own room. Unfortunately, she hasn't slept through the night again but, she does really well and still only wakes up once during the night.

6. She loves picture frames and dark/light contrast. We have a wall with picture frame and shadow boxes on it and she stares at that wall all day.

7. She still loves bath time! She is going to be a water baby!

8. Her eyelashes finally came in and they are beautiful, long, and dark!

9. She started smiling back at us around 7 weeks. Before she would smile but not in response to anything. Now she smiles all the time! The best is when I smile at her or give her kisses all over her face and she smiles back at me :)

10. She loves bouncing and the bouncer we have isn't good enough. I have resorted to using my big exercise ball. I hold her and we sit on it and bounce and it puts her right to sleep.

11. Not only does she love her pacifier, she intentionally brings her hand to her mouth to suck. If we don't give her the pacifier right away she definitely finds her hand and starts sucking away.

Well, that's all for now. I can't wait to see what she does next! Now get ready for a plethora of pictures and videos:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been wanting to write these thoughts down for a while now and I finally found the chance to. This is mostly just for my own motivation and journal keeping but feel free to read.

It is crazy to think back to exactly a year from today. I was in really good shape and devoted at least 3 hours of each day to working out. I would not say that I was in the best shape of my life but I was in pretty good shape. When I got pregnant, I was told that I was 'supposed' to gain 25-35 pounds because my weight was normal. I blew WAYYY past that 35 lbs and gained 55 lbs total. I know, fatty. It was weird though because my stomach was not huge so I must have been putting the pounds on everywhere else. haha. I wasn't eating a ton more but I craved desserts like no other! Chocolate, candy, ice cream, you name it! I would eat a little bit of dinner and then HAVE to have dessert every night to be satisfied.

Fast forward to today. Thanks to exclusively breastfeeding (which I am very proud of btw), I have lost about 40 pounds. I am nowhere near what I want to be but I am getting there. I still have about 20 pounds to lose to get to the weight I want to be at. When 'Ihi was about 5 weeks old, I started playing on my city league volleyball team one night a week. This week, in honor of her two month milestone, I decided it was time to start exercising on a regular day to day basis. I started Insanity on Monday and I have struggled (to say the least)! I did it Monday and Tuesday but today I decided I would take a break because I was super sore and have volleyball games tomorrow and Friday. I am not going to actually follow the Insanity program. More or less, I am just going to try to get a good work out in at least 4 days a week.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that bit of information and hopefully by posting this, I will be able to stay motivated and held accountable. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That Just Happened...

Disclaimer: This post is not for the faint-hearted.

Yup, this morning I got squirted with poop.
Cottage cheese mustard poop.
I would have taken a picture but that would not have been appropriate.
Seriously though, when I say "squirt", I mean it.
It was like a water gun shot but WAYYYY more powerful.
In other news, my baby girl is growing way too fast.
This is the cutie on Sunday:

How can I get mad at this face?