Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have an 11 Month Old!

This post is pretty late but I have been keeping up with 'Ihi-isms on a post it note. I just have to make sure she doesn't eat the post it...why does she love eating paper so much!? Anyways, our little girl is not so little anymore. Here are some things she has learned this past month:

*She mastered the Filipino squat. Demonstration:

*She learned how to get down the stairs so now she goes up and down all day by herself.

*She learned how to get off the couch and the bed by sliding backwards. Sometimes she turns around and starts scooting herself from the middle of the bed and I think it's the cutest thing. 

*She started walking! As mentioned in a previous post, on July 10th we went to Provo High to play tennis with the Packards and Daylene. Since there were 5 of us and 2 kiddies, we were just rotating out every once and awhile trading off who was playing with 'Ihi and Jetta. Kristi was sitting out with them when she yelled, "Look!". All of us turned and watched as 'Ihi took 5 wobbly steps! I was so happy we were all there to witness it! She continued to take 4-5 steps for a few days and then on July 16th, her and I were playing outside and she took 11 steps toward a ball I was holding out in front of her. It took her a few more days to really get the hang of it and then she was off! Now she prefers to walk all over the house and outside as well. 

*She loves getting into drawers and throwing things out. She also takes everything out of the diaper bag and loves to get into mine and Kahilis' wallets. She throws all the shoes off the stairs now and just makes a huge mess all over the house!

*She is nursing about 4 times a day, eats about 3 meals a day, and snacks when she's hungry. She drinks whole milk, apple juice, and she still loves to drink water. We even got her her own Camelback water bottle! Now she can be just like Mommy and Daddy.

*She is a social butterfly and still loves to be outside for the majority of the day. 

*Her first word was "Ball" and she knows how to throw a ball. She can also locate a ball if you say, "Where is the ball?" and throw the ball if you ask her to throw it. 

Our little cutie. We love her so much and are so happy she is here with us! Being a Mommy is the hardest job I have ever had but it is also the most rewarding. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

On July 11th, Kahili and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! The 11th was a Wednesday but the Sunday before we had a special surprise, Auntie Daylene caught a ride to Utah with some family friends so she could stay with us for the week! It was awesome. Daylene was with us last year when we celebrated our anniversary as well :) On Monday we took Daylene to 7 Peaks to check it out! Tuesday we went to Provo High and played some tennis with our friends the Packards then got some Sonic after. 

Wednesday, our actual anniversary day, Kahili had to work so Daylene, 'Ihi and I walked to Provo Bakery, got some donuts and dropped them off at the Marriott. Apparently Kahili was very busy that day...he forgot our anniversary and just thought I brought him donuts cuz I'm nice (which I do do that sometimes). I didn't say anything and we left. I guess he ate lunch with a friend in the cafeteria and the friend said, "Man, I gotta think of something to do for my wife. It's our anniversary this weekend." Kahili said, "Yeah, me too! Uhhhhh.....dang! It's today!" Haha. It's ok, I forgave him, he's a busy man these days. Anyways, he came home from work with a big bouquet of my favorite flowers and a smirk on his face. That night we had 2 softball games so Daylene watched 'Ihi at the field while Kahili and I played.

Thursday, we had the Trinidads (family friends that brought Daylene to Utah with them) over for some Chicken Taquitos and Chinese Chicken Salad. They brought ice cream and toppings to make sundaes. It was delicious and we had such a good time talking and catching up.

Friday, Kahili worked again and Daylene and the Trinidads left. When Kahili got off[early...yay!], we ('Ihi and I) participated in Chick-fil-a's Cow Appreciation Day where if you dress up as a cow, you get a free meal! We could pick anything on the menu and it came with fries and a drink too...Awesome! We left sraight from there up to Park City. I had bought a LivingSocial deal for a room at the Yarrow Hotel that included Sparkling cider, truffles, and breakfast in the morning. Such a good deal, not the nicest hotel we've ever stayed at but it was fine. We ate dinner at a BBQ place on Main St called Bandits and Kahili said it was the best tri-tip sandwich he's ever had. I got a pulled pork sandwich and it was pretty good. I wanted to take 'Ihi swimming but the weather wasn't the greatest so we just walked around and then went back to the room.

Us at Chick-fil-a

Saturday we went shopping at the outlets and spent way too much money. :)  

What a great week we had to celebrate our 1st anniversary as parents of an almost 1 year old (YIKES!)!

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July 2012

'Ihi's first 4th of July was pretty uneventful. To give you an idea of what Daddy did, here was his schedule for the day: 6:30 am-4:15 pm Work at the Marriott, 4:15 pm-4:45 pm Come home and Play with 'Ihi, 5 pm- Midnight Work at the MTC. Not much of a holiday if you ask me! haha.

'Ihi and I went to watch the parade on Center St with the Ings in the morning. That was fun! Then we went home for lunch and a nap. I cooked dinner while Kahili was home and watching 'Ihi. Then we took dinner to Kahili and the other MTC security guards and ate with them. While we were there, President Uchdorf and his wife came into the MTC! We got to see them in person...haha. The highlight of our 4th. Then 'Ihi and I went home, she fell asleep at 9 and I went to sleep around 10 after watching some fireworks from our window. LAME!

At the parade in the morning

Playing outside in the 4th skirt I made for her

I had a great view of fireworks all the way down to SLC!

Catching Up- California with the Soons and Taualiis

Our trip to California was long and jam packed with fun! We were there for 2 and a half weeks, the longest I have been home in a long time. On Saturday, June 16th 'Ihi and I along with my parents and AJ attended a wedding for our friend Nikki Masuda. The ceremony was up in PV and the reception in Long Beach. It was beautiful! Kahili started his drive on Monday after work, stopped over in Vegas and spent the night with the Kahalepunas, then got in to Torrance around 10 am Tuesday. The Soons also flew in on Tuesday morning so we had a party at our house with everyone all day. My mom made spaghetti that night for everyone and I made Nutella cookies.

'Ihi took a while to warm up to Daddy after not seeing him for a week

A nice competitive game of basketball with the fam

On Wednesday, we started our amusement park adventures at Knotts Berry Farm. My sisters, coco and Daylene came with us and we had a blast with Kahilis' whole family. 'Ihi loved the rides that she could go on and she was such a good girl.

'Ihi and Ku, reunited after 5 months of being apart (That's half of their life!)

'Ihi and I on the hot air balloon ride at Knotts

Thursday-Saturday were long days spent at Disneyland! Although, 'Ihi wasn't old enough or big enough to ride tons of rides, I felt like it was a perfect age for her to go to Disneyland for the 1st time! She was so amazed by all the people, colors, and environment that it was fun to see her reactions and how much she loved it. Not to mention the quality time she got to spend with her 12 cousins that she rarely gets to see and her aunties and uncles. Grandma and Papa were so helpful carrying 'Ihi because she only lasted in her stroller for short periods of time. Overall, the amusement park experience was great and we had so much fun! Thanks Papa and Grandma for 'Ihi's first trip to Disneyland! Her favorite ride was Dumbo, she loved going up and down!

First time at Disneyland: June 21st-23rd, 2012

Gigi, Auntie Coco and Auntie Daylene came for one of the days

Daddy was pretty excited to ride the new Cars: Radiator Springs ride. It was awesome!

The only family picture we took at Disneyland...SAD!

On Saturday, my parents picked 'Ihi up in the middle of the day and babysat her while Kahili and I went to my friend Lani's wedding in Chino Hills. They then dropped her back off and we headed back to Disneyland for our last night with all the Soons.

On Sunday when we got back to Torrance, Kahili packed up the car and headed back to Utah. We packed up my mom's car and headed up north to see 'Ihi's great-grandparents in Templeton. It was a rough 5 hour drive but we made it and were happy to spend a day playing with the Greats! Thanks for letting us come visit!

Us and the Greats!

On Tuesday, 'Ihi got to spend the day with Papa Kev and Auntie Day while my mom and I went to the LA temple where my older sister Amanda got her endowments. It was such a wonderful session and a great reminder to me. I have not been back to the LA temple since I got my own endowments and got married 3 years ago!

Amanda and her friends from the singles ward

All of us who were at the temple

On Wednesday morning, we headed over to Grandma Junes for one last goodbye then headed to the airport. Thanks for letting us come visit everyone, we miss you guys!

'Ihi with each of the Taualiis except Coco who had already left for a softball tourney

Catching Up- Coco's Graduation

My little sister is not so little anymore...she's a high school graduate! Not only that, she is coming to BYU in the Fall to play softball! 'Ihi and I took a flight out of SLC and into Long Beach on Monday, June 11th. She was pretty good on the flight, I just had to entertain her for the whole hour and a half. We read a book (about 20 times through), played "I drop it, you pick it up" for about 30 minutes, and the rest of the time she was ether eating mangoes or drinking apple juice. Anyways, here are the pictures from the festivity day:
The cute sign Auntie June made and 'Ihi passed out before the graduation (that didn't last long)

Coco and our cousin Kyle who also graduated

The whole Taualii clan

Coco and 'Ihi, Kyle and Kc

'Ihi the graduate

'Ihi and I at the graduation

Thanks to all those who took pictures and tagged us on Facebook...I didnt take a single picture thanks to my hands being full!

Catching Up- Travis and Felicia's Wedding

On June 9th, my cousin Travis was married to his best friend, Felicia! It was a beautiful sealing and a super fun reception. I wouldn't expect anything less from Travis ;) A couple weeks before the wedding, Travis called me and asked me if I would make their wedding cake for their Utah reception. Now, I bake a lot but I do not make cakes ever because Kahili and I aren't really cake eaters. Kahili told me to say no. He got in the shower and by the time he got out, Travis and I had already hung up and he had already convinced me to do it. All of my sister in laws are wonderful cake makers so with some help from them over the phone and with the help of my friends Lauren and Miken here in my building, I made a presentable cake! Felicia's wedding colors were pink and yellow so I made a 3 layered yelow cake with white buttercream frosting and pink accents. When I got to the reception, I added some yellow roses. Here are some pictures of the bride and groom with the simple cake:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Better late than never...10 Months!

Traveling has set my blogging on hold but I have been using post it notes to keep track of my growing babys' recent accomplishments. I don't know where to start so I will just dive in with this months updates:

*'Ihi has 7 teeth now. I'm pretty sure she cut 5 of those within this last month which explains the super fussy/non-sleeping baby that we had been dealing with. She is learning how to use her teeth and is able to bite off pieces of certain foods.

*'Ihi loves dancing and starts dancing randomly but almost immediately when she hears music or if we start singing to her. She usually stands up supporting herself on something or kneels on all 4s and bounces/jumps to the beat. It is ridiculously cute and always puts a smile on my face.

*Sleep. What's that? We are still struggling in this department as 'Ihi still wakes at least once a night, usually more.

*She eats just about anything anyone will feed her. She is the ultimate beggar and will bug you until you feed her. She still eats baby food every once and awhile but she definitely prefers solids and does not discriminate...she will try anything! I have finally succeeded in getting her to take formula so she gets a bottle of formula about once a day until she is 11 months and can start drinking cows milk.

*We've got a loud mouth on our hands. 'Ihi loves to babble and she especially loves to yell! She says Mama, Dada (or just Dad sometimes), Uh-oh (when she does something she's not supposed to) and lots of other words that I don't understand yet. She points at stuff sometimes and says what we have translated as "What's that?" haha. Who knows if that's what she's really saying.

*She understands who Mom and Dad are. She also knows what NO means and shakes her head back and forth when we catch her doing something she's not supposed to be doing.

*We have finally invested in a gate because we got tired of climbing the stairs 20+ times per day to go get our little monster. She somewhat learned how to go back down stairs while we were in Cali but then she had a little fall and now refuses to climb down. So she just yells from the top of the stairs until someone comes to get her.

*She is still very clingy but while we were in Cali she would go to people as long as I wasn't in sight. She especially liked my sister, Daylene. Our dog, Oreo, was 'Ihi's favorite babysitter ;)

*I think my favorite thing that she started doing this month was giving High-5's! If you put your hand out in front of her and say "High-5?" she will do it! It's awesome.

*She is in 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers still.

*We are still waiting for her to take off walking. She uses her little walker to get around but I think she prefers crawling because she is so fast at it!