Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching Up- California with the Soons and Taualiis

Our trip to California was long and jam packed with fun! We were there for 2 and a half weeks, the longest I have been home in a long time. On Saturday, June 16th 'Ihi and I along with my parents and AJ attended a wedding for our friend Nikki Masuda. The ceremony was up in PV and the reception in Long Beach. It was beautiful! Kahili started his drive on Monday after work, stopped over in Vegas and spent the night with the Kahalepunas, then got in to Torrance around 10 am Tuesday. The Soons also flew in on Tuesday morning so we had a party at our house with everyone all day. My mom made spaghetti that night for everyone and I made Nutella cookies.

'Ihi took a while to warm up to Daddy after not seeing him for a week

A nice competitive game of basketball with the fam

On Wednesday, we started our amusement park adventures at Knotts Berry Farm. My sisters, coco and Daylene came with us and we had a blast with Kahilis' whole family. 'Ihi loved the rides that she could go on and she was such a good girl.

'Ihi and Ku, reunited after 5 months of being apart (That's half of their life!)

'Ihi and I on the hot air balloon ride at Knotts

Thursday-Saturday were long days spent at Disneyland! Although, 'Ihi wasn't old enough or big enough to ride tons of rides, I felt like it was a perfect age for her to go to Disneyland for the 1st time! She was so amazed by all the people, colors, and environment that it was fun to see her reactions and how much she loved it. Not to mention the quality time she got to spend with her 12 cousins that she rarely gets to see and her aunties and uncles. Grandma and Papa were so helpful carrying 'Ihi because she only lasted in her stroller for short periods of time. Overall, the amusement park experience was great and we had so much fun! Thanks Papa and Grandma for 'Ihi's first trip to Disneyland! Her favorite ride was Dumbo, she loved going up and down!

First time at Disneyland: June 21st-23rd, 2012

Gigi, Auntie Coco and Auntie Daylene came for one of the days

Daddy was pretty excited to ride the new Cars: Radiator Springs ride. It was awesome!

The only family picture we took at Disneyland...SAD!

On Saturday, my parents picked 'Ihi up in the middle of the day and babysat her while Kahili and I went to my friend Lani's wedding in Chino Hills. They then dropped her back off and we headed back to Disneyland for our last night with all the Soons.

On Sunday when we got back to Torrance, Kahili packed up the car and headed back to Utah. We packed up my mom's car and headed up north to see 'Ihi's great-grandparents in Templeton. It was a rough 5 hour drive but we made it and were happy to spend a day playing with the Greats! Thanks for letting us come visit!

Us and the Greats!

On Tuesday, 'Ihi got to spend the day with Papa Kev and Auntie Day while my mom and I went to the LA temple where my older sister Amanda got her endowments. It was such a wonderful session and a great reminder to me. I have not been back to the LA temple since I got my own endowments and got married 3 years ago!

Amanda and her friends from the singles ward

All of us who were at the temple

On Wednesday morning, we headed over to Grandma Junes for one last goodbye then headed to the airport. Thanks for letting us come visit everyone, we miss you guys!

'Ihi with each of the Taualiis except Coco who had already left for a softball tourney

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