Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

On July 11th, Kahili and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! The 11th was a Wednesday but the Sunday before we had a special surprise, Auntie Daylene caught a ride to Utah with some family friends so she could stay with us for the week! It was awesome. Daylene was with us last year when we celebrated our anniversary as well :) On Monday we took Daylene to 7 Peaks to check it out! Tuesday we went to Provo High and played some tennis with our friends the Packards then got some Sonic after. 

Wednesday, our actual anniversary day, Kahili had to work so Daylene, 'Ihi and I walked to Provo Bakery, got some donuts and dropped them off at the Marriott. Apparently Kahili was very busy that day...he forgot our anniversary and just thought I brought him donuts cuz I'm nice (which I do do that sometimes). I didn't say anything and we left. I guess he ate lunch with a friend in the cafeteria and the friend said, "Man, I gotta think of something to do for my wife. It's our anniversary this weekend." Kahili said, "Yeah, me too! Uhhhhh.....dang! It's today!" Haha. It's ok, I forgave him, he's a busy man these days. Anyways, he came home from work with a big bouquet of my favorite flowers and a smirk on his face. That night we had 2 softball games so Daylene watched 'Ihi at the field while Kahili and I played.

Thursday, we had the Trinidads (family friends that brought Daylene to Utah with them) over for some Chicken Taquitos and Chinese Chicken Salad. They brought ice cream and toppings to make sundaes. It was delicious and we had such a good time talking and catching up.

Friday, Kahili worked again and Daylene and the Trinidads left. When Kahili got off[early...yay!], we ('Ihi and I) participated in Chick-fil-a's Cow Appreciation Day where if you dress up as a cow, you get a free meal! We could pick anything on the menu and it came with fries and a drink too...Awesome! We left sraight from there up to Park City. I had bought a LivingSocial deal for a room at the Yarrow Hotel that included Sparkling cider, truffles, and breakfast in the morning. Such a good deal, not the nicest hotel we've ever stayed at but it was fine. We ate dinner at a BBQ place on Main St called Bandits and Kahili said it was the best tri-tip sandwich he's ever had. I got a pulled pork sandwich and it was pretty good. I wanted to take 'Ihi swimming but the weather wasn't the greatest so we just walked around and then went back to the room.

Us at Chick-fil-a

Saturday we went shopping at the outlets and spent way too much money. :)  

What a great week we had to celebrate our 1st anniversary as parents of an almost 1 year old (YIKES!)!

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  1. congrats on your anniversary! i can't believe it's already been 3 years!!
    also, I LOVE bandits!! there are only three in the nation (or world), and two of them are near my mom's house in california! i'm glad kahili enjoyed it!!