Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching Up- Travis and Felicia's Wedding

On June 9th, my cousin Travis was married to his best friend, Felicia! It was a beautiful sealing and a super fun reception. I wouldn't expect anything less from Travis ;) A couple weeks before the wedding, Travis called me and asked me if I would make their wedding cake for their Utah reception. Now, I bake a lot but I do not make cakes ever because Kahili and I aren't really cake eaters. Kahili told me to say no. He got in the shower and by the time he got out, Travis and I had already hung up and he had already convinced me to do it. All of my sister in laws are wonderful cake makers so with some help from them over the phone and with the help of my friends Lauren and Miken here in my building, I made a presentable cake! Felicia's wedding colors were pink and yellow so I made a 3 layered yelow cake with white buttercream frosting and pink accents. When I got to the reception, I added some yellow roses. Here are some pictures of the bride and groom with the simple cake:

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