Sunday, July 1, 2012

Better late than never...10 Months!

Traveling has set my blogging on hold but I have been using post it notes to keep track of my growing babys' recent accomplishments. I don't know where to start so I will just dive in with this months updates:

*'Ihi has 7 teeth now. I'm pretty sure she cut 5 of those within this last month which explains the super fussy/non-sleeping baby that we had been dealing with. She is learning how to use her teeth and is able to bite off pieces of certain foods.

*'Ihi loves dancing and starts dancing randomly but almost immediately when she hears music or if we start singing to her. She usually stands up supporting herself on something or kneels on all 4s and bounces/jumps to the beat. It is ridiculously cute and always puts a smile on my face.

*Sleep. What's that? We are still struggling in this department as 'Ihi still wakes at least once a night, usually more.

*She eats just about anything anyone will feed her. She is the ultimate beggar and will bug you until you feed her. She still eats baby food every once and awhile but she definitely prefers solids and does not discriminate...she will try anything! I have finally succeeded in getting her to take formula so she gets a bottle of formula about once a day until she is 11 months and can start drinking cows milk.

*We've got a loud mouth on our hands. 'Ihi loves to babble and she especially loves to yell! She says Mama, Dada (or just Dad sometimes), Uh-oh (when she does something she's not supposed to) and lots of other words that I don't understand yet. She points at stuff sometimes and says what we have translated as "What's that?" haha. Who knows if that's what she's really saying.

*She understands who Mom and Dad are. She also knows what NO means and shakes her head back and forth when we catch her doing something she's not supposed to be doing.

*We have finally invested in a gate because we got tired of climbing the stairs 20+ times per day to go get our little monster. She somewhat learned how to go back down stairs while we were in Cali but then she had a little fall and now refuses to climb down. So she just yells from the top of the stairs until someone comes to get her.

*She is still very clingy but while we were in Cali she would go to people as long as I wasn't in sight. She especially liked my sister, Daylene. Our dog, Oreo, was 'Ihi's favorite babysitter ;)

*I think my favorite thing that she started doing this month was giving High-5's! If you put your hand out in front of her and say "High-5?" she will do it! It's awesome.

*She is in 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers still.

*We are still waiting for her to take off walking. She uses her little walker to get around but I think she prefers crawling because she is so fast at it!

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