Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forgotten Ramblings...

I realized I forgot some things in my last post that should be recorded so my brain remembers them :)

*'Ihi blows raspberries and thinks its hilarious. She even did one on my neck the other day.

*She claps when we say "Yay!" or "Yay 'Ihi!"

*She waves "Hi" and it is the cutest thing! She reaches towards the person then flaps her little chubby fingers. I will have to catch this on video one of these days!

*TODAY I was watching Jetta who is about 17 months old. She is a pro walker and can go up and down the stairs like a champ! I look away for 1 second and 'Ihi is following Jetta up the stairs! No joke. It happened and I said, "What the heck!?" And then I took a video of it. CRAZY little girl! Stop growing up!

*'Ihi wore her bathing suit for the 1st time today and it was a perfect photo opp:
Love you baby girl!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Life has been pretty busy lately and the blog has taken the backseat! I feel like I have so much to catch up on but for starters... Our baby girl is now 8 months old! I can't believe that in just 4 short months she will be 1! I feel like the past month has been pretty busy developmentally for 'Ihi. 

(Baby's First Easter!)

*She does not like baths right now for some reason but does not mind taking showers with Kahili or I. 

*She resists getting dressed on most days and changing her diaper is a battle. If you look away for 1 second, she turns over and crawls away.

*She pulls herself up on everything and is cruising on the furniture. This is scary to me. My mom thinks she will be walking by next month. I hope not. 

*Can you say, "Mommy's Girl"? This girl is so attached it is ridiculous. It's not so bad if she is distracted but the second she sees me she starts whining and wants me to hold her (which has caused my arm to be quite sore the past couple days). Oh, and she throws a fit if you don't give her what she wants!

*She has been babbling a ton lately and although she does not know it, she says "Ma-ma ma-ma". Told you she was a Mama's girl. She also enjoys squealing at church while everyone is singing hymns. Her voice is incredibly high-pitched but I think it's cute.

*She is a social butterfly. She loves being around other kids and interacting with them. I love to watch her and older kids love entertaining her because she is so responsive and thinks they are hilarious. 

*She still hates her car seat. Therefore, our primary mode of transportation is walking so I don't have to hear the screaming. 

*Both the Soons and the Taualiis were able to visit this past month and it was great. 'Ihi and I loved having more people around but unfortunately for them she was pretty clingy and just wanted me. We had lots of fun hanging out though!

*Some of her favorite toys: a little basketball that fits perfectly in her tiny hands, straws, her water bottle (which she can actually drink out of now instead of just biting), my hair (STILL! I hate it. So I chopped off 6 inches. She still manages to get it in her mouth though), Dollar store bead necklaces. Can I just say that Kahili and I are so happy she loves to play with any type of ball: volleyballs, basketballs, golf balls, soccer balls....anything! :)

*Being outside solves all fussiness. She loves the outdoors and could sit outside on a blanket for hours! W have been loving the sunshine and I can't wait til it is sunny everyday so I can just take her outside to play everyday. She is also getting pretty tan already ;)

Well, those are just the things that I can remember right now. Kahili and I were just talking and saying that the months are all blending together so I'm glad I have this little record of big events to refer back to in the future. Even though I get super frustrated some days because I just feel like she wants to be held or entertained all day, I love her so much and Kahili and I can't get over how cute she is! Of course we think that, we're her parents!