Sunday, April 7, 2013

Christmas in Cali

Didn't love Santa this year...

Dinosaur jacket from Uncle Ka'u and Auntie Gemma

As I mentioned before, Kahili had to work on Christmas eve, Christmas day, and even New Years so he sent 'Ihi and I to California so we wouldn't have to be alone on Christmas. We flew out Christmas eve, just before a huge storm hit Utah, and got to spend an entire week with my family. It was nice to be able to spend some time with my sister, Amanda before she left on her mission as well.

'Ihi loves Auntie Day!

Playing in Long Beach with Gigi, Auntie Coco, and Auntie Day

My little love bug

On Christmas morning, we were able to 3-way skype with Kahili and all the Soons to open grab bags. I had Noe again this year and made her a family birthday calendar. 'Ihi had Uncle Wai and made him the shirt pictured below. Kahili made 'E'a a lego table. Besides all the Christmas festivities, we were able to attend Sister Taualii's going away party and farewell.
The shirt 'Ihi gave to Uncle Wai :)

Christmas morning mustache stamp

(Santa came on Christmas eve morning right before we left for Cali. He brought 'Ihi a slide, some new books, and play cars. I had finished 'Ihi's quilt so we had that laying out as well!)

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