Sunday, April 7, 2013

January 2013

-We spent New Years Eve with the Panees and it was awesome! Good food and a good time had by all. The guys even took the kids sledding at midnight.

-Auntie AJ flew in the day after New Years and we got to go sledding again! Then the next day we dropped her off at the MTC.

-'Ihi and I were sick most of the month with various illnesses due to the extremely cold weather (it was in the negatives for most of the month and even hit -10 some days...miserable!) 

-The minute 'Ihi and I were both healthy we took off to Hawaii for some defrosting and family time. Grandma Brede had surgery the week before and wasn't doing well so we knew it might be our last chance to see her (and it was). Uncle Wai also wanted to see his baby girl and Papa and Grandma can never turn down a visit from us :) After 10 days in Hawaii we were planning to go to Cali for a few days but Daddy was getting lonely so we went home to be with him. 

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