Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Rumors are TRUE...

I am getting fatter.... and it's not just because I'm done with volleyball.
My lovely husband has been dying to tell EVERYONE he knows but i wanted to wait until the first ultrasound which I had today.
So there you have it, we're having baby.

(head is on the right side and the little hand looks like its coming out of the neck haha)

Due Date: August 22, 2011
Heart Beat: 187 bpm
Length: I think the nurse said about 1.5 in long

The gummy bear (that's what the nurse called our baby) measured big so our original due dates was August 24th but has now been moved up to the 22nd. I have also been craving spicy food non-stop so my aunt told me that means the baby will be on time. :) I hope so!


  1. brooke and kahili! this is such great news! I am so excited for you both and your new "soon" to be ohana :) love you!!

  2. thanks chels! :) i didn't tell you on fb cuz i knew you would come on here and it would just be more of a surprise for you! haha

  3. so exciting!!! yay!!! i will def be keeping up with yor blog yaaaaaayyy!!!! our babies will be close in age! :) anyways, keep the updates coming!!

  4. Crystal! I know, our babies will only be about 2 weeks apart! maybe they will go to school together and stuff! haha. well i guess depending on where both our families end up living :)

  5. oh my goodness!! congrats!! i'm so happy to be following along in your newest adventure. love you, brookie!!

  6. Thanks Amy! we are very excited! i figured I better invite all the people who i have featured on here :)

  7. Congratulations!! I'm so so excited for you guys! I can't believe you're due the same time that I was last year. Has that much time already gone by?!?! Congrats congrats congrats!

  8. Well congratulations to the best parents I know who don't yet have kids!! I'm really excited for you both. Hope the 1st trimester treats you well. When you move back Makayla can babysit for you, cuz that would be too cool!!