Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1 Month Milestones

I cannot believe I am the mother of a 1 month old! It is so crazy how fast time really does fly...and I'm not liking it one bit! 'Ihi continues to amaze us every single day. We can't believe how fast she is growing and changing. One minute she looks like Kahili, the next she looks like me (lets face it... she looks more like her daddy haha). She has accomplished so much in her one month on earth and these are just the few things that I can remember...
*She now weighs 9 lbs as of yesterday (which they say is good for an exclusively breastfed baby)
*She has been on 4 plane rides (SLC to LA, LA to HI, HI to LA, and LA to SLC) and she was so good every time! I was so afraid of being that person with the screaming child but 'ihi slept on every flight except when she would get up to eat. No crying whatsoever! This weekend we are even taking another little trip down to LA so hopefully she does good again even though Daddy is with us this time.
*She has met all of her cousins and all of her aunts and uncles except one...sorry Uncle Wai!
*She LOVES to use her hands. They flail every which way when she is awake and she sleeps with them up by her face. (She also uses them to scratch Mommy when she is eating...grrr)

*She likes being on her tummy. She twists and turns her head and lifts her legs like a scorpion during tummytime and almost daily she takes a nap on my tummy and just loves it.
*I know this sounds crazy, but she can almost turn over! If we lay her on her back, she twists and turns as if she's trying to gain momentum to flip over and she actually comes pretty darn close.
*She can easily hold her neck up on her own for extended periods of time. I'm telling you, this girl is too strong for her own good!
*She loves music. When we were in Hawaii, some of her cousins would sing to her while they held her and she would just gaze up at them.
*She loves bath time! Kahili and I really think she is going to be a waterbaby and Kahili can't wait to take her out into the ocean.
*She holds her pacifier in by herself and it is the most adorable thing.
*She was given a Baby Blessing by her Daddy on September 4th, the same day as her cousin Ku.
*I put her to sleep between 10 and 11 pm and then she wakes up around 3 or 4 and goes right back down until 6 or 7. She is a good sleeper like her Momma! Thank goodness!

Well, that's all I can think of for now. We love our little girl so much and feel so blessed to have her in our lives. Her smile is contagious and I can't help but want to stare at her all day.

Mommy and Daddy love you baby girl!

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