Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My 22nd Birthday!

Turning 22 was special because it was the first year I got to spend my birthday with my daughter. She definitely made it a memorable one. Here is a little how our day went:

'Ihi woke up at 4 am for a feeding and went right back to sleep (good baby!). She woke up again at 7 am, right when Kahili got home from work with beautiful flowers and donuts for breakfast. I fed he while Kahili took a shower and got ready to go to sleep. Then he took her to burp her but instead of burping, she pooped! So Kahili brought her over to me on the bed where I started to change her. The minute the diaper was off, pee sprayed up both my arms and all over the bed! I put my hands over it to block it and when it stopped, I took them away only to get blasted by pee and poop at the same time! Lesson learned: WAIT til she's done going! Anyways, when the mess was all cleaned up and sheets in the washer, we all went back to sleep til around 2 pm with 'ihi waking up every 2 hours to eat. We ate lunch and relaxed til about 5 and then we went to walk around the mall a little bit before dinner. Kahili bought some massage oil for me and then we went to CPK for dinner. It was delicious! 'Ihi was sleeping the whole time. Well, right when we were finishing up dinner, she started fussing so I took her out of her carseat and BAM! DooDoo everywhere! It was all over her carseat, clothes, and now ME! I took her to the bathroom to clean her up while Kahili paid and realized that I had used her back-up outfit a couple days before and forgot to put another one in the diaper bag. Oops. Lesson Learned: Keep 2 back up outfits in the diaper bag and remember to replace them when used! That little incident made the decision of what to do next very easy: Go home. So we went home and got to relax some more before Kahili gave me a massage (You have no idea how killer breastfeeding is on your shoulders and back!) and headed off to work.

Overall it was a great day that I got to spend with my family! 'Ihi was the best present I ever could have received for my birthday and I guess she felt it was necessary to give me a few more (in the form of bodily fluids HA!). Thanks 'Ihi girl! I still love you more than you know! And thanks to my loving husband who did everything he could to make it a special day for me! Love you!

P.S. For those of you who are having little girls and thought, "yay! at least diaper changing will be easier than if I had a boy...." NOT TRUE! As I proved in this post, girls have strong streams too! It was like a volcanic eruption! :)


  1. I had this happen to me many times! By the 5th, I learned what to do to prevent it from happening. Your baby is so cute, I want our babies to meet some time :)

  2. good for you! i still havent learned... lol. we should have a play date once my baby can actually do stuff and be awake like shayde :)