Wednesday, May 23, 2012

9 Months Young

Ka'ihilei is now 9 months old and is starting to show her little personality even more with every passing day. I'm a little late posting this because we have been SO busy but I will talk about what we have been up to lately in another post. I want this post to be all about my baby and the new developments she has made this month. So, here it goes:

*'Ihi is almost 20 lbs and is a lug to carry around! Kahili and I are constantly passing her back and forth because she hurts our arm to carry her around. She is also about 28.5 inches tall so she is not tiny but not super tall either. Both of these are around the 80th percentile.

*She loves to walk around by holding on to someones hands (it's a back killer!). She will be walking any day now and I am kinda looking forward to not having to carry her everywhere but I also know it is going to be hard to keep track of her. This girl is active!

*She crawls normal on carpet but bear crawls on grass, cement, and tile. I think it is so cute!

* She's still majorly a mama's girl and wants to be by me all the time. It's hard to get anything done around the house.

*She eats just about anything we give her but is slowly not wanting baby food anymore. Besides nursing, apple juice is her drink of choice.

* She has 4 teeth now. Just last week she cut her upper center teeth and I'm so glad she did because teething has not been fun!

*She had her first ear infection last week and let's just hope she doesn't get another one of those soon. The combination of teething and the ear infection creating a little monster child!

*Sleep. What's that? haha. I guess 'Ihi developed her Daddy's sleeping habits meaning she doesn't like to... Mama is NOT happy about this. At all.

*She LOVES to be outside still and we have been having some pool parties with our friends in the Huntington. 'Ihi loves the water and loves splashing! We even got her a pool so we can go out whenever she wants!

*She is very smart. She knows how to get her way and she figures things out that surprise us everyday!

*All the other little kids in our complex know her name and ask their moms to play with 'Ihi which we think is too funny because they are all so much older and 'Ihi barely even interacts with them. They just like her to be there while they are playing, it's so cute!

We love 'Ihi so much and can't believe this first year is almost over! She is definitely not a newborn anymore. I am trying my best to live in the moment so that I don't miss anything.


  1. Wow. She is walking early!!! And lol @ monster child. My parents and in laws have caused my son to be a monster child cuz all he wants is to be held all the time. Uhh... lol. I worked on tristans 9 month post today. It should be up by tonight. Lol. FOREVER!! He'll be 10 months in a couple of days. FIRED!!

    1. Haha, not quite walking yet but I feel it is coming any day now... :) That's so funny, we dont see family often enough for her to be spoiled by them but she is still a monster so i guess that means I'm the spoiler...uh oh! loved the updates!