Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April and May 2012

The past 2 months have been packed with lots of fun and exciting adventures for our family! Hopefully I have taken enough pictures to document these things in a way that is not too boring for all you readers...

Warning: This post is very long and contains a lot of pictures. If you don't really care what we've been doing for the past month, I would stop reading now. Haha.

Mid-April we bought our first car! My parents' truck that we were using was getting really old and starting to have quite a bit of problems so we talked to them and they said we could trade it in if we could get a good price. It was also very hard to get 'Ihi in and out of the truck so we wanted something more realistic for a family. We found a great deal on a used 2008 Mazda CX-7 right down the street from us so we jumped on it. 
Our new car :)

'Ihi and I went on a playdate with our friends Josie and Junie to the Bean Museum. Junie is about a month older than 'Ihi so it was fun to get out of the house and do something fun!

'Ihi and Junie

We love living at the Huntington and have made so many friends here. Since we have had nice weather, we get the pools/water toys out at least once a week and have water parties! The kids love it because they get to run around and play together and the moms love it because we get to talk and hang out! We even had a popsicle party once!

We went on a little staycation to Thanksgiving Point again (last time was for the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn when I went with my cousins). This time, Kahili went with a bunch of his friends to the midnight premiere of The Avengers. Before he left, we went swimming as a family and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner! Yummm!
Kahili and his friends Dane, Yami, Alan, Aaron, and Jordan
Swimming at the hotel

I don't have any pictures of this but Kahili and I were able to go on a date thanks to my friend Katlyn who watched 'Ihi. We went Classic Skating and it was so nice to have a little time to ourselves and not have to worry about taking care of baby. On the way home we stopped by Pizza Hut to bring some dinner home and The Chocolate to get some dessert and a cupcake for our babysitter :)

We had a BBQ with some friends while Kahilis' brother Wai was here. 
'Ihi playing in the grass at the BBQ

'Ihi and I covered the booth at the MTC while Kahili had a training for all the security guards. We had fun while doing it and couldn't believe that's what Kahili goes to do everyday when he leaves us ;) jk.

There was a groundbreaking for the new temple that is going to be in our neighborhood. It is seriously right across the street from our apartment and this picture was taken from our living room:

My first Mother's Day was wonderful! The day before, Kahili and 'Ihi took me shopping and told me we were going to get my present. They got me a serger! I was so excited because now the little outfits I make can look more professional and last longer! Sunday morning, Kahili took 'Ihi so I could sleep in. They made me breakfast and then we watched a movie before we went to church. At church, the bishopric brought us fruit skewers, chocolate covered strawberries, and cream puffs. It was awesome! Then after church, Kahili cooked some steaks for dinner. My mom and dad also sent me a new carrier that distributes the babies weight better so your back doesn't hurt as much. I have used it so much already and I love it! (Kahili didn't go to work ALL DAY so that was a treat all by itself!)
Here is my new serger. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with my baby girl on Mother's Day :(

I participated in the Utah Pasifika Festival this year which was right here in Provo. My aunt was in charge of it so we went of Friday to help set up and then helped with her food booth that night. On Saturday Auntie Lynn and I had our own booth and it was a success! I had made just a few little things to sell, nothing big. I made a 4th of July dress, a skirt, 2 baby blankets, 2 turtle stuffed animals, and 4 crayon rolls. I sold the dress, the skirt, and 1 of the baby blankets. Auntie Lynn sold tons of her Hawaiian print material and a big bedding set. We were both very happy :) I also played in the volleyball tournament that they had and my team lost in the championship game.

Saturday night Kahili and Joseph presented Kristi and I with certificates to go get pedicures and told us they had made an appointment for us on Monday! The boys both didn't have to work so they went golfing in the morning then Kristi and I went to get our pedicures while they took the babies to Costco to get some stuff for their big Elders Quorum BBQ that nigt. We met back up at home, took the kids to the babysitters and headed to the movies to watch The Avengers! None of us had seen it but Kahili and he wanted to see it again anyway :) Then we went home, got ready for the BBQ and put the pools out so the kids could swim while the guys cooked. It was a great turn out and just a great day in general!

Yesterday we took 'Ihi to get shave ice for the first time. She loved it!

Last but not least, Kahili got promoted at the Marriott! He is now the Front Desk Supervisor and it is a lot more work but he loves it! I am so proud of how fast he was able to move up in the company and what a great job he is doing. He sure is a hard worker!

Sorry for the extensive post...maybe next time I won't wait a whole month to update this blog! Hope you liked it though!

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