Friday, December 21, 2012


Those of you who made it all the way to the end of my last post (kudos to you!) know that 'Ihi is obsessed with babies right now. Part of that obsession is because we have tried to explain to her multiple times that she is going to be a BIG SISTER! Yep, you read that right:


She is currently in big sister training and passing with flying colors! She brings me diapers and wipes (sometimes it takes her 20 minutes....) when I ask her to, takes care of her baby doll, pushes her around in the stroller, changes her diapers, feeds her whatever she is eating, and wraps her up in blankets when she is cold. :)

I have been horrible at recording this pregnancy but everyone told me that would happen so what the heck. Here are a few things to note for journaling purposes (skip if you don't care to know the details):

*I started feeling nauseous on September 14th. Why do I remember this? Because it was my birthday and I didn't feel good that whole day and the weekend following until I took a pregnancy test on the 17th to confirm it. (Kahili guessed on my birthday that I was pregnant but I thought I had just caught a bug. It had only been 4 weeks since I stopped nursing!)

*We found out we were expecting on September 17th. We were not exactly 'trying' but we weren't preventing. Since I had finished nursing in August, we decided I wouldn't go back to the doctor to be put back on the regular pill instead of the mini pill. We both felt like 'Ihi was in need of a playmate, close in age, and decided that if Heavenly Father wanted us to have another kid, we would.

*Throughout my whole first trimester I was working(coaching at Timpview), Kahili was working 60+ hours every week, he was gone on a 10 day business trip when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, 'Ihi was a wild child, and I was one exhausted mama.

*I don't know if it's the fact that I am trying to keep up with an active toddler who barely sleeps or what the deal is but this pregnancy feels so much harder than the first one. I still have not thrown up (thank goodness), but I just felt 10 times more nauseous, exhausted, and the headaches are killer!

*On Halloween, we had our first ultrasound and check up with the doctor. I weighed in 10 lbs lighter than I did with 'Ihi (yay!) and baby looked healthy (measured 2 days early) and had a strong heartbeat of 167.

*On December 4th, we had another appointment and baby's heartbeat was 147 which led me to suspect that maybe this baby is a boy (Kahili would be beyond ecstatic) even though I have been thinking it's another girl. 'Ihi's heartbeat stayed in the 160s almost my entire pregnancy with her.

*I am currently almost 18 weeks and due on May 27th (moved up after the first ultrasound from May 29th). We go in for our gender ultrasound on January 7th and I am so excited to find out!


  1. yahoooo!!! congrats you guys! that is super exciting. 'ihi is so adorable i cant wait to see your next little one!! hope you are feeling better now!

    1. Thanks and double thanks Jacie! its definitely been too long.... we should have a mini reunion cuz im pretty sure i see your hubby more than you (at mr mac lol)

  2. Omg that is so exciting!! Congratulations!!!!! And yes, i felt like the second pregnancy was harder just because theres another baby there that u still have to take care of.