Monday, December 17, 2012

15/16 Months

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun! Well actually, life just gets really busy around the holiday season when there is so many fun activities going on. Back in October when I last posted updates about 'Ihi, I decided I would wait and do them every 2 months from then on. Therefore, here I am and 'Ihi is now 16 months old and smarter than ever! Here are the 'Ihi updates from the last 2 months:

*Signs and says 'please' and it is the cutest thing ever! HOWEVER, she thinks that she can get whatever she wants if she does it which is frustrating at times.

*Signs 'more' and 'all done/pau'

*Has been eating pretty well lately. She loves macaroni and cheese and apples. Thanks to her Daddy, she has a soft spot for fruit snacks as well.

*She loves her 'baba' (bottle) especially when she is tired. I am trying very hard to only let her have it in the morning, nap time, and bedtime.

*She loves playing with any type of ball still

*She loves pillows and will lay on our body pillow on the ground to drink her bottle every morning

*She likes collecting things in bags and carrying them around the house.

*She likes helping Mommy clean the house: sweeping and wiping the floor, vacuuming, taking out the trash (I have to leave some sort of box or milk carton out so she can help carry it down), and cleaning the toilets (when Mommy is not around).

*She has been sleeping much better though she still sleeps in our bed. It's no telling what time she will go to bed on any given day but when she does go to sleep, she sleeps for about 8-10 hours.

*She can say 'eye' and 'nose' and correctly identifies: eyes, nose, mouth, and ears on herdelf and others(for the most part)

*Started saying 'no' in the cutest way possible. Still deciding if I like this or not.

*List of words she says on a daily basis (some are unclear but I understand them enough to know what she is talking about): mommy, daddy, baba, outside, hi, bubbles, cheese, no, baby, eye, nose, hot, ball, doggy, please, bye, snow, juice, owie, wow, uh oh, boo (book), chip, poopoo. Her vocab is expanding daily and it seems like she learns new words all the time. It's crazy!

*She started loving apple bananas in Hawaii so I thought I would try to give her bananas here in Utah but she hates them so that was a fail.

*Folds her arms during (the first 10 seconds of) prayer (we're working on it! :))

*Loves singing the 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' song while she pokes her fingers together and she makes me sing it over and over again!

*She thinks every stomach is called 'baby'....more on that in our next post! :)

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