Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Holiday in the Books

Kahili has always been good at picking out gifts for me and this Valentines was no different. He was at work and I had class in the morning but right when I got home there was a knock on the door and the delivery guy handed me a box. Inside the box was buds of flowers inside a vase. Only a couple have bloomed so far but when they all bloom they will look look this:

Aren't they beautiful?! He sure does know how to pick flowers that I like :) Ok, Kahili got a PlayStation Move for Christmas from his brother and it only came with one controller so he has wanted another one for awhile now. Actually, I think all the boys have been itching for a new controller so they could play ping pong against each other! haha. So last week, we went to the store and got this:

Finally, I have wanted Nike Frees for forever (well, since they came out). I really wanted the BLACK ones with PINK accents but, they don't come in my size apparently :( After dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory on Monday, we went to the mall and got these:

To finish off the night, Kahili had bought tickets to Just Go With It which was HILARIOUS! Both Kahili and I were cracking up and we loved it! We highly suggest all of you go watch it. Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day spent with loved ones, as well... Have a great week!

I had to use pictures from the internet because our camera is currently out of commission...

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