Thursday, February 17, 2011

Healthy & Happy

What will our baby look like?

Who knows?! Together, Kahili and I are: Hawaiian, Samoan, Italian, German, Chinese, and Irish (I think... I may be missing some...). Bottom line: our kids are gonna be mutts. It's hard to predict how they will look because they may turn out upper white or they could even come out pretty dark, who knows?

Today, we went to our 13/14 week doctor's appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. It is so amazing. They said that me and the baby look healthy and the baby's heart was beating 155 bpm :) 6 more weeks until we can find out the gender (unless we pay $50, then we could find out in like 2 weeks but that probably won't happen unless somebody wants to donate $50! Dr. Judd suggested we ask the grandparents to cough up a hundred bucks so we could pocket the other $50 ;) ha!)

These past 2 weeks have probably been the hardest part of the pregnancy so far. I have had a hard time sleeping, constant headaches, stomach pains, and I feel like I spend more time in the bathroom than I do sleeping! haha. Not to mention my midterms that I had amongst all that. It has definitely not been the easiest but every time I complain, my sweet husband reminds me that, "it's because you're growing a baby in there." Uh, thanks Kahili. jk. He really has been great at picking up the slack and dealing with my mood swings.

Well, I think that's all the updates I have for now. In the next couple weeks I will post a poll for everyone to take to guess if it's a boy or girl.


  1. I'm glad things are look great with you and the baby! I hope you feel better soon, and I know your baby will be so cute! It will be fun to see what he/she looks like!

  2. Brooke I am so excited for you! I feel bad that you aren't feeling me whenever if you need anything!