Sunday, February 13, 2011

GNI (Girls Night In)

Last Saturday was the "Big Fight" which, let's be honest, means nothing to a bunch of wives except that our husbands have an appointment with the TV that night. SO, instead of sitting through and enduring watching 2 men beat each other up, we planned a girls night! Our friend Amber offered up her house because she had all the materials to make lauhala and beaded jewelry. I've never been much of a jewelry wearer, and this was my first time working with lauhala so I was pretty excited. Most of the girls were making earrings but since I don't have my ears pierced, Amber taught me how to make a bracelet and a ring. It was a little tough at first but once I got the hang of it, it turned out great! I don't have any pictures right now but i'll post them once I get them. the night was spent with good friends talking, laughing, making jewelry, and of course, snacking away :) Thanks Amber, Jaymie, Alana, Kiam, Aimoku, and Jovy!
The Lauhala
Hard at Work
Kiam's Rose Earrings
My bracelet
Jaymie's Ring
Lauhala Bracelets
My finished products

Oh, and the best part, we didn't have to watch the fight AND the Superbowl all in one weekend, just the Superbowl!

Photos by Alana Yates


  1. i know! i have to post these pics! ill try to get them up tomorrow night! That was fun! i went over to their house today for dinner and the lauhala stuff was still out since the time we were over! haha

  2. HAHA! yeah, i figured you would post them soon and then i would borrow/steal some to put up here :) I cant believe the stuff is still out! haha! thats hilarious!

  3. hey you didn't post my earings. i see how it is.