Tuesday, March 15, 2011

17 Weeks

Yesterday was the start of week 17 for me. I figured I should do an update even though I will be doing one later this week because we go to the doctor again on Thursday.

*I have been having a really hard time sleeping. BUT, i love naps during the day. Last night, as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I felt something weird in my stomach. The only way to describe it would be comparing it to the feeling I used to get before big matches, like knots in my stomach! I turned on my lamp and pulled my shirt up and I could see my stomach moving a little! It was awesome! I woke Kahili up (even though he had to be up by 4:30 for work :/) so he could see it too. He was like, "cool..." and then rolled over and fell back asleep. HAHA. I don't blame him. Anyways, it was amazing that we got to see the baby move a little.

*I still get headaches every once and awhile but they aren't nearly as bad as they were before. I tend to get them when I am in loud places (like gyms, coaching) for long periods of time, or when I'm under a lot of stress (like this week when I have like 10 projects due, 2 midterms, and luau is next week so costumes have to be finished).

*The pregnancy books were right. I guess my mucous membranes have doubled in size so my nose is congested all the time.

I think that is all the updates I have, most of them are the same. I will post again after our appointment on Thursday.

***2 more weeks till we find out if IT is a boy or a girl***
***5 more weeks till Kahili and I graduate (as long as I pass all 17.5 credits)***
***5 more weeks till our families come and we get to celebrate!***

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  1. Ya know why it was movin around He or She or both were sayin HEY WHERES THE VOLLEYBALL HELLO lol No I thought it was funny