Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Countdown Begins

Well, I guess I actually started counting down the day this semester started but oh well! ha.
However, I am finally coming to the realization that Kahili and I are graduating in less than a month! Here is the countdown of the next few weeks of our life that includes major events:

7 days till the GENDER Ultrasound
13 more days of class
23 days till Kahili's family comes
25 days till my family comes
26 days till we are college graduates!

Needless to say, I am getting very excited for the next few weeks!

P.S. I will be 19 weeks tomorrow and there's still not much to show for it...just ask my friends here in Provo. They don't believe that I'm pregnant. haha


  1. I'm glad your blog isn't private anymore... It was fun to read! :) And you have such good news to share. Gotta love the countdowns! Enjoy the time while you can--it changes so quickly and you'll look back and think: Where did all the time go?? :)

  2. wow! finding out the gender is soooo exciting!!! congrats on graduating too!!! its sooo close!! good for you guys!!!

  3. we are beyond excited... for both! haha. Thanks Crystal! It was good to see you at luau!

  4. Exciting times for you. Can't wait to find out if you are having a boy or girl?!