Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 Months Old

Today 'Ihi is officially 4 months old and I can't believe how fast time has gone by! I know I always say this but she is growing way too fast!

14 lbs 10.5 oz
25 1/8 in
16 1/4 cm head circumference

'Ihi has become a lot more active this month! Here are some new 'Ihi-isms :)

*She grabs anything and everything in sight and it goes directly into her mouth.
*She is still a pretty good sleeper but I'm pretty sure traveling messed with her schedule. She was almost consistently STTN until we went to Cali and now she is back to waking up once during the night.
*She pretty much puts herself to sleep most of the time. I lay her in her crib when she's tired and after a little fussing (no real crying), she falls asleep.
*This is a new one as of this week... She has definitely found her voice and knows how to use it! She squeals (very loud) and just talks our ears off all day! It is fun to watch her learn different pitches in her voice and then try them out.
*She is still a pretty happy baby and will go to just about anyone. However, the affects of being a stay at home mom are starting to show as I see she favors me and knows when I'm not in the room.
*She despises her car seat. When we put her in she arches her back as if to keep us from buckling her in. Just the other day we were driving home from Highland and it was disastrous.
She screamed all the way to Provo and then wouldn't stop even when we took her out at home. It was not one of her finer moments.
*She is still drooling a ton! She soaks through the top of her outfit at least once a day.
*She rolls when she wants to. I think she really likes tummy time so she just stays on her tummy and plays with the toys I put in front of her. She's not rolling around the apartment just yet.
*She laughs all the time. Sometimes I can just look at her with a funny face and she will laugh. She is very ticklish on her neck, underarms, and tummy. I love ticking her and making her laugh.
*She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror. In fact, we have made it part of our bath routine. Before she gets in the bath, she admires herself in the mirror for a couple minutes.
*It is much harder now for me to get her to take a bottle and she refuses the pacifier a lot now too. I don't know what has changed.
*She has a great personality. I love having little conversations with her and watching her face light up as she smiles and laughs.

I think that's it for our 4 month update... Cheers to starting solids tomorrow (per doctors orders)! We will see how she likes poi :)


  1. love your blog! 'Ihi is so cuuuttee! I can't believe all the things you can do it is so awesome and fun to see!

  2. so many things are the same with our tristan!! lol. this is such a cute age!

  3. She definitely gets the "admiring herself in the mirror" thing from her daddy:)Love you guys!