Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I know I'm very late but I wanted to make sure I posted about the wonderful Thanksgiving that we had this year! The holidays are all about family and we were able to see both of my grandmothers' sides of the family this year which is very rare. Ka'ihilei and I got to go down to California on the Monday before Thanksgiving and stay until the following Tuesday. It was a fun week packed with tons of family time.

Earlier in the week we...

Went to Farmers Market and 'Ihi really wanted some kettle corn so we got it got her :)
Spent some time with grandma and grandpa
Watched some cartoons on the lovesac
Had multiple photoshoots haha
And had a playdate with our friends Sammy and Isla!

Thanksgiving day, we got up early and were so excited because Kahili came in that day. He got in around 12:30 pm and we ate at 2:30 pm. He had worked the graveyard shift the night before so he was super tired and after dinner with Grandma June, Uncle Brett, Uncle Mike, Frank, Aunt Lucy, and the Bakers, he went to take a nap. Everyone was passing 'Ihi around and taking their turn holing her. When one of the Bakers was holding her, she was sitting in one of those white plastic chairs right by the stairs. Everyone was talking when all of a sudden, the back two legs of the chair broke and the two of them flew backwards! 'Ihi was safe and just cried because it was scary but I was traumatized! It was such a scary experience and I'm just glad baby girl was safe.
Around 11:30 pm, my dad, Kahili, Amanda, and Daylene headed out to fight the crowds at Best Buy for some Black Friday deals. Mom and I stayed home and did our own Balck Friday shopping online ;). Then we went to bed because we knew we were waking up early the following morning to drive to Lompoc where my mom's cousins live and where that side of the family had Thanksgiving. 'Ihi had her first roadtrip and it was about 2.5 hours. She slept the whole time! What an angel! I found out that Kahili bought a 42 inch TV from Black Friday.... not too excited about that one. I think our 32 inch is just fine. Anyways, when we got to the ranch, we just hung out and Kahili got to ride a horse which he was very excited about. 'Ihi and I stayed at the house and she got to meet her great-grandparents (my Mom's parents) for the first time! When everyone got back we headed up to the vineyards and were able to take a few family pictures. That night everyone came over and we had chili for dinner up at the barn.
Saturday was another day filled with hanging out and just playing around the ranch. Kahili went with a bunch of my cousins and sisters out in the open and shot clay pigeons. It was my first time shooting and we had fun. When we got back, a few people helped me take 'Ihi to the barn to get some shots of her with some props they had lying around haha. Later that night, the family all came back over and we had pizza and root beer floats. After dinner, we drove back home and again, 'Ihi slept the whole way! I couldn't believe it. She is such a good little traveller.
Sunday we went to church and then had dinner at the house with the Marzorinis. Before Kahili left to the airport for his flight, we pulled names out of a hat for our adult Christmas gifts (a tradition we adopted from Kahili's family and started last year).

Monday was a pretty uneventful day until the evening when 'Ihi and I got to go visit/meet the Curtis family! Melissa was my YW leader and I used to babysit her kids and I just adore them. She invited us over for dinner so we got to catch up, eat, and even make snowflakes after dinner. It was so much fun!

Tuesday 'Ihi and I headed back to Utah once again to be reunited with Daddy! It was such a fun trip but we were happy to be home and sleep in our own beds.

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  1. cute family picture & LOVE that picture of her in the boots, SO adorable!