Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ready to Learn

Provo Mommas: Listen up!

Yesterday, Kristi and I took 'Ihi, Jetta, and Reagan (a 2 year old Kristi babysits) to the Utah County Health Department for a class called Ready to Learn! I heard about it through a nurse that made a house visit a couple months ago when 'Ihi was just a month old. The class was great! Basically, from what I understand, they have a different topic to discuss every month (the class is on the 2nd Tuesday of every month) and then they have activities and books that correspond to the topic. This months' topic was math. First, the teacher had a lesson to refresh our memories on patterns, sequences, and other math concepts. Then she read a couple of books with counting or patterns in them. She had tons of different books to show every example imaginable. Then she gave us some crafts and pointers on how to implement counting and other developmental activities into our childs' life. It was very informative. The best thing was that at the end, we got to pick out a book and take it home with us! I have a feeling this is really going to help us build our library of books for 'Ihi. I can't wait to find more activities to do with 'Ihi so I can teach her as much as she can fit into her little brain! :)

If you are in Provo and would like to come with us next month, please let me know! We would love to have more friends there!

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