Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 Blissful Months

Yup, our little girl is now a 3 month old and not so little anymore. She is seriously the happiest baby around. The best word to describe her I think would be "chill". I guess she gets that from her daddy :) Words cannot describe how much I LOVE her and I know Kahili feels the same way. She is learning a lot every day and is growing way too fast (but I guess I always say that). Here are some new things about 'Ihi that we love (and some that we don't haha):

*We went to the doctor last week for a bump that turned out to e nothing serious but I guess the advantage was that we got to weight and measure 'Ihi. She is now a whopping 13.02 lbs and 24 3/4 in long! She is growing so fast!

*She has the most contagious laugh! I seriously find myself trying to make her laugh all day long because I love the sound of her deep giggle. It's the best sound in the world.

*She has a love/hate relationship with her car seat. When I take her walk/jogging with me a couple times a week, she loves it and falls right asleep. However, she hates riding in the car when I am driving and she is in the back all alone. She screams her head off til we get out or she falls asleep. whichever comes first.

*She rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time on November 2nd (when she was about 2.5 months old) and then just about a week ago she did it like 10 times in a row so I was able to catch it on film. yay!

*Her sleeping patterns have pretty much been the same as last month. She will go about a week with sleeping through the night and then for whatever reason, she starts waking up once during the night again. This might be because of growth spurts but I haven't really been able to figure it out yet.

*She has adjusted well to napping in her crib. Most of her naps throughout the day are in her crib but she will sleep in her car seat if we are out shopping or what not. I'm so glad I am able to put her down a little drowsy and she will fall asleep without me having to do anything special.

*She is drooling a TON. It's almost like she's a leaky faucet. We think she may be teething (already?!) but the doctor said sometimes they do start teething this early but you won't actually see a tooth for another 2 months or so.

*We bought her a Baby Einstein video and she loves it! This morning I played it for her and she was kicking around and squealing. It was fun to watch her.

*She is getting some personality and I love interacting with her. She is so fun to play with and sometimes we just sit and make faces back and forth at each other.

I am so grateful for a husband who works so hard so I can be at home to raise our little princess. Not only does he work really hard, he makes such a diligent effort to take 'Ihi for a couple hours when he is home so that I can make dinner or sew or do other things that I haven't been able to get done. 'Ihi and I are so lucky to have him! And Kahili and I are so lucky to have 'Ihi because she makes us better people every day.


  1. I love following your blog and hearing about how little 'Ihi is growing. She's such a pretty baby. She's one week older than Nainoa so when I see that she's learning or developing something new it's a heads up for what I can expect. He just started to drool within the last 2 weeks it's not too much, but I can tell already that it's going to escalate. Happy 3 months 'Ihi!

  2. Thanks Tiffany! I'm glad I can kinda give you a heads up so I know this helps you too (it's not just for me ;)) We need to get these 2 together the next time were in Hawaii (who knows when that will be!). haha.