Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 Months

A am a little behind on my monthly update of all things Ka'ihilei. I have a really good reason though. The past week and a half we have been traveling! First to Hawaii for 6 days and then Cali for 4 days! It was so much fun but those adventures deserve their own post. So, more on that later.

On Saturday, while we were in California, 'Ihi turned 5 months! She is such a big girl now! Normally I wouldn't have a weight update for this month but I had to take her in to the doctor yesterday for a cough that she started on Tuesday morning right before we got on the plane home. The girl is 16 lbs 4.5 ounces! Here are some new things that she has learned this month:

*She discovered both her lower lip and her tongue. It is so funny because I can hear her sucking and when I look, she has her lower lip pulled into her mouth and she's sucking on it. She also loves to chew on her tongue.

*She loves sitting up (probably because she is so nosey!) and looking around. She still has some trouble in her car seat and I think it's because she can't see anything but the seat! lol. She does this thing whenever we lay her down on a blanket or put her in her car seat where she lifts her head up and won't sit back and relax. She has also learned that it makes it very difficult for us to strap her in her car seat if she pushes her elbows out and leans forward. It is quite annoying.

*Besides the foods I listed before, she has now tried prunes (they definitely help keep her regular!), sweet potatoes, and peas. I also bought her some of those little gerber snacks that dissolve in your mouth (the Apple-Strawberry ones) but she doesn't seem to like them too much.

*We are pretty sure we can feel a tooth coming in on the bottom. She won't let us touch it (she closes her mouth or sticks her tongue out when I try to feel) so I can't really see but judging by the lack of sleep I have gotten this week, that sucker is coming soon!

*I just wanted to record some of the things that people seem to say about 'Ihi that seem to be recurring: "She is soooo adorable!" "OMG, are her eyes blue?! So cute!" "Wow, she sure loves to talk." and the most common: "She is such a happy/smily baby!"

*She smiles at everyone!

*After our travels this past week she has now been on 12 flights traveling to Hawaii 2 times and California 4 times! I hope she will grow up and get to travel the world and see even more places than I have. :)

*The glorious "non-smelly-breastmilk-poopy-diaper days" are long over and we now have very smelly multiple colored poops to change. Is it too early to start potty-training? haha

Well, I think those are all the updates I have for this month. We hope her tooth cuts soon so we can all get some much needed sleep around here!


  1. We need to get those 2 together already!

  2. Love all your updates on 'Ihi, reminds me of what I got coming for Navy! I think her gums and have been bothering her off and on, no fun! Wish they could hang out!

  3. teething is definitely no fun! I wouldn't wish it upon anyone! :) I so wish you guys were still around to hang out!