Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On the Road Again

...or I guess it should say, "In the Air Again..."

2 weeks ago, we started a 10 day trip to see how much family we could visit. Haha. Alright so it wasn't exactly like that but we did try to see as much family as we could while we were in Hawaii and California because 'Ihi is growing so fast and those people don't get to see her as often to witness it.

To start our trip off, we got to travel as a family to San Francisco! I was so excited to have Kahili flying with us because 'Ihi is getting much more difficult to entertain. When we got to San Fran, we had every intention to go down to the pier, get some clam chowder and ghiradellis, and just go exploring! However, we quickly found out that we were kinda far from all the cool stuff and it would be way expensive to get anywhere. So instead we just lounged in the nice waterfront hotel and went to a nearby Elephant bar to eat. It was quite the adventure and nice to just hang out with Kahili since he always seems to be on the go from one job to the other.

After spending the night in San Fran, we headed to the airport very early to catch our flight to Hawaii which was oversold and Kahili and I had middle seats. NOT fun. AT ALL. With a teething baby who wanted to stand the whole time and only sleep 30 mins of the whole flight. Don't get me wrong, she was good as long as we were standing or entertaining her the whole time. The people on the flight adored her though.

Hawaii was wonderful! The weather was great and we got to spend the perfect amount of time with family. Saturday 'Ihi was a huge fuss. Going from just her and I in our little apartment to 30 different people wanting to hold her and play with her was rough. By the end of the day she would scream every time anyone other than me was holding her (even her Daddy!). The whole family came over for dinner that night and Tyler and Alana even visited after dinner! It was so good to see them (even though 'Ihi was being a grouch, sorry!).

Sunday we went to church and then everyone came over for dinner again. It is so fun to be with the whole family on Sundays instead of just hearing the craziness over the phone :).

Monday was a beautiful day so of course, we took advantage and celebrated Baby's 1st Beach Day! We headed down to Kaiwas because they have a beach right by their house that is very calm and perfect for the keikis. At first, 'Ihi didn't really like the water but then she got used to it and loved it!I have videos but they take forever to load on here so I'll just share a picture for now. Dad was watching the babies on the beach and the rest of us were in the water. He wanted to take a video of them so he sat the 2 boys on boogie boards and had Poki (4 years old), hold 'Ihi. Well, I don't know what happened but 'Ihi was all of a sudden face first in the sand! And Dad caught it all on tape! haha. So Uncle Wai had to blow in her face and dunk her under water because obviously I was traumatized! It was a great beach day.

The rest of the week went by so fast, too fast! Kahili woke up sick on Tuesday so we just hung out at home all day despite our dinner plans with the Yates (Sad!). Wednesday started off as another beautiful day but it turned ugly right when we got the Kaiwas. That's ok though because the kids got out of school early that day and the Kahalepunas and Haverlys met us there so we just hung out and eventually got to go in the water when the rain passed. Kahili and Wai went spearing again just like they did on Monday with no success. After, we got to go visit Auntie Maile, Lemao, and Malia and they loved seeing baby. That night we all went to Mui Kwai (Kahili's absolute favorite Chinese food).

Kahili left Thursday morning and I packed all day while the grandparents and Wai got their last play time with 'Ihi. Early Friday morning, 'Ihi and I got on our flight to Cali. She was a good girl again, she just needed to be entertained for all but an hour (when she slept) of the flight. I could tell her teeth were hurting so we sucked/chewed on lots of ice.

Our time in Cali was short and kinda felt like a whirlwind. Maybe that's because the first 2 nights we ('Ihi and I) didn't sleep. Teething. What I do remember: Friday we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner, Saturday we watched Daylene play basketball and Coco play softball, Sunday we went to church and then went to Grandma and Uncle Bretts for a yummy beef stroganoff dinner. Finally, Monday we went to lunch at CPK with Stacey, Dani, and Jenna (BFFs from high school) and had our last family dinner with the Marzorinis. Auntie June made bomb BBQ chicken wraps. Yum.

Tuesday 'Ihi took her 12th flight of her short 5 month old life. HOME SWEET HOME. Don't get me wrong, I love visiting family but traveling with a baby is stressful. And tiring. And stressful. Did I mention tiring? Because we did not get much sleep. But we did have lots of fun! Thanks family!

These were the ONLY 2 pictures I took the entire trip. FAIL.

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