Monday, January 2, 2012


I think I posted about this in 'Ihi's 4 month update but I'm not sure. Our doctor has advised us to start solids so this past month we have tried a few new foods. I was planning on making my own so that I could make them as fresh as possible but due to the bad timing (who has time to do anything around the holidays?!) and not being prepared because I wasn't planning on starting until 6 months, we have just bought a couple different first foods. We started with poi, a first food for a lot of Hawaiian babies. 'Ihi threw up twice in 2 days so we stopped giving it to her. Then we tried some rice cereal and she wasn't a fan. Next we tried mixing some rice cereal with applesauce and she liked that a little better. At this point, we started having some problems with constipation and sickness ('Ihi and I both got the stomach flu) so we stopped solids for a few days. I bought some pears and green beans because I heard they both help with constipation. We tried the pears and 'Ihi loved them! She couldn't get enough and they helped keep her bowel movements regular (TMI for you non-moms?...sorry!). after a few days, we tried green beans and unfortunately, they made her constipated again. Let me just tell you, a constipated baby= a fussy baby who does not sleep very well which makes for some grumpy parents. I know firsthand. Needless to say, we went back to pears and she is regular again and back to being a happy happy baby! Thank goodness!

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