Monday, March 19, 2012

Working Mama

I think I have mentioned this before but Kahili works a lot. It leaves a lot of time for 'Ihi and I to figure out things to do. So I started coaching club volleyball for a club called UP2 and it is perfect because I am coaching a traing team. I have about 8 9-12 year old girls and we practice on Thursdays for an hour and a half. My cousin Julina is on my team so my aunt watches 'Ihi while we go to practice. Seriously perfect right?! We had our first tournament on Saturday and we just have one more tournament at the end of April. I had to take 'Ihi with me because Kahili was working but she was so good! I was very proud of how she handled being in a loud gym for 8 hours :)
This will be news to most of you... I applied for a coaching position at Timpview High School about 3 weeks ago. This is the high school where I did my internship 2 years ago and the won states in their division this past volleyball season. I have become good friends with the head coach, Kristen. A week after applying, Kristen asked me to come in for an interview with the Athletic Director. It was a very casual interview; I didnt have to get super dressed up and they told me to bring 'Ihi along with me! The AD was very cool and said he totally wouldn't mind if I brought a pack and play and set 'Ihi up in the corner of the gym during practice. He also told me hat he expects me to be a mom first and always to put my family above this job. How cool is that? Then, as I was walking ut of the office, he said, "Welcome to the team!" Easy as that. Next year I will be the Sophomore Volleyball Coach at Timpview High School. I already knows lots of the girls so I am very excited to work with them in the Fall!


  1. What great news! Congratulations!

  2. OMG!! Congrats Brookie!! Sounds like an amazing opportunity with amazing people!! To start off with a family-oriented AD, LOVE IT!!! You deserve this, as you are always a hard worker!!

    Love you!

  3. wow!!! that is awesome!!! how great is that?? u totally deserve it! you hit it working mama! and at least its what u love too! congrats!!

  4. WOW!!!! Congratulations!! Way to go, super mom!!!!!! And thanks again for the gorgeous blessing dress!! :)