Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Winter in the 801

We have been pretty unlucky this winter in Utah. Although the weather hasn't been horrible, it goes from one extreme to another. For example, Monday is was about 55 degrees (heavenly!) but then Tuesday it was like 30 degrees with tons of wind. I think it is partly because of this weather that 'Ihi has been so sick this winter. Luckily, she hasn't been too sick thus far, just little colds and then the UTI. But this week, she has been pretty sick.

Sunday, she woke up super congested and threw up. We stayed home from church and stayed inside all day. Monday, she was still pretty congested and woke up with a dry diaper and threw up twice. I talked to my mom and we think she has a really sensitive gag reflex so when she gets congested, it makes her throw up. I took her to the doctor and he diagnosed her with Bronchiolitis. Basically, its an infection of the small breathing tubes in the lungs. It blocks the flow of air through the lungs and makes it hard for babies to breathe.

'Ihi has been such a trooper through all of this. I use the snot sucker on her every 5 minutes and try to clear her sinuses and she hates it. Today, she realized it wasn't worth the fight anymore because I always win. Poor girl. She is so happy for the most part which makes it manageable. She has been laughing and talking away. People who come by are always saying that if it weren't for the coughing and continuous trail of snot draining from her nose, you wouldn't even know she was sick.

Tonight I took her to the hospital for the "Suction Clinic" because her nose just seems to be getting worse and she sounded like she was wheezing at some points today. We thought it best to take her in and get her all cleared out and taken care of so she could sleep well. We'll see if it works. It was so sad, they stuck a tube down both her nostrils while a machine sucked the snot out (Sorry Papa if that's TMI... haha).

Hopefully the magic "get better fairy" comes tonight and I wake up to a happy, healthy baby...


  1. I hope the "get better" fairy comes too! Feel better 'ihi!

  2. I need IHI. Jeff needs to come over and get her! haha i'll take her sick or not. she's one of the happiest babies! love her!