Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tax Returns

Did you know...

...that when you have a baby good ole Uncle Sam gives you a pretty fat check to compensate for the costs of raising a child?!

I sure did not know that and was pleasantly surprised when we got our tax return this year. I guess Kahilis' 2 jobs and my job that I had up until 'Ihi was born contributed a little as well. But, man, it was such a relief to get that money back!

The months of May and June were rough because we were unemployed and unfortunately had to dig into our savings (thank goodness we had saved!) and use our credits cards for things like gas and food. With the tax return we just got, we will be able to restore that savings and pay off some of those debts. In fact, we were able to pay off 2 credit cards and cancel them so that we now each only have 1 which is necessary for building good credit so that some time in the future we can buy a house...or in the nearer future we can buy a car.

Having 'Ihi has been the biggest and best blessing we ever could have asked for and now I find out she has been making us some money during her short time here ;).

Yay for tax returns!


  1. yayyy to Uncle Sam!! Glad you guys got a break Brookie.. I know you surely can use it with Ihi!

    I awarded you the sunshine award on my blog (love these bloggy blog awards) so check it out when you have a chance ;) Xoxo

  2. Thanks Boppi! Miss you and all your energy! Let us know if you are ever in Utah! :)