Monday, February 13, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

I am so lucky to have 2 Valentines this year! 'Ihi and I wanted to do something special for Kahili for Valentines Day because he has been working so hard for us. A friend in my ward is a photographer and I just thought it would be so cool to surprise Kahili with pictures of us. Plus, 'Ihi is 6 months on Valentines day and we havent had pictures taken of her since she was like 1 week old (besides the ones I take every other day haha) and I wanted some Mommy-Daughter pictures for memories sake. So last Thursday, we kinda lied to Kahili and told him we were going to a friends' house for a playdate. In reality, we met Madelyn downstairs in the parking garage and headed to the Riverwoods so she could snap a few pictures of us. I absolutely love them! Then on Saturday we went to Costco and I picked out a frame for $15! It was a steal! I gave him his surprise tonight because I couldn't wait any longer to show him the pictures. Keeping it a secret was very hard work. We just sat there and commented on how cute 'Ihi is haha. If anyone is looking for a photographer, Madelyn did a great job and was able to catch some great memories for our family.

My Valentine got me a new water bottle and a Nike+ so I can track my runs better. It logs how much distance I have covered and how many calories I am burning as well as other useful stuff. I can't wait to use it!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! They are adorable! I love them all. And the frame too!! Good Job! And I need to she my little 'Ihi!!! Come over so I can give her kisses!