Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Little Girl!

I just can't believe we are already celebrating this girls' half birthday! Before we know it, we will be throwing her a 1st birthday party!

17 lbs (66th percentile)
26 7/8 in (87th percentile)
She is a pretty long and skinny baby but don't underestimate her, this girl is strong!

*She is still in size 3 diapers and has been since the end of November.
*She wears 6-9 month clothes but is quickly growing out of those....yikes!
*She loves puffs, these little snacks that are Apple Strawberry flavored that dissolve quickly in your mouth (Her Daddy likes these also and I always catch him eating them when he's supposed to be feeding them to her!)
*As of February 5th, she has been getting up on all 4s but she hasn't quite gotten the idea of crawling yet. She just sits there looking around and occasionally scoots herself backward.
*Along those same lines, she "swims" around the floor to get her different toys. It's pretty funny.
*She grabs anything and everything in her line of sight and still puts it in her mouth. She especially loves my hair and I often find chunks of my hair clumped together with drool after holding her.
*She loves playing any variation of peek a boo.
*She likes music, weather it's us singing to her or playing it on the ipod.
*She likes animals! My aunt and uncle have a dog and a cat and she loves 'playing' with them (meaning they sit and stare at each other and 'Ihi giggles)
*She burrows her head in my chest when she is hungry and it is seriously the cutest thing!
*She still won't take a bottle but she loves biting on her sippy cup and playing with it.
*She sits up so well and even leans over and lifts herself back up. She is very strong.

That's all I can think of for now! Happy 6 months baby girl!


  1. i love ihi and i love the pictures madelyn took :)

  2. simply ADORRRRRABLE Brookie!! She's looking more and more like you!

  3. wow I can't believe it! Happy 1/2 birthday!~ Navy does the same thing with the sippy cup haha, she loves to just chew on it.

  4. i loooove the pics of her and i love the three pics u have at the top of the blog. serious cuteness!!

  5. Thanks Crystal! Let me know when you're back in Provo so we can get together!