Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Have a 1 Year Old

Yep, we have officially made it a year being parents to a little girl. What an amazing blessing she has been in our lives! I know this post is a little late but I have been busy coaching and having fun with 'Ihi!

*We went to a WIC appt a few days after her first birthday and found out she is a little over 21 lbs and about 29 inches long! That makes her in the 40th percentile for weight and 72 percentile in height.

*August 24th was the last day I nursed her. It was getting really hard trying to schedule feedings around practices and stuff so we had dropped down to nursing 3 times a day at the beginning of the month. The week my family was here, 'Ihi bit me...HARD. I thought I would just stop cold turkey but ended up nursing her once a day for about 2 days and then went to every other day and then I was done! It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. She has adjusted well to drinking whole milk and takes bottles at night and before a nap but sippy cups any other time of the day.

*She has been eating well! She eats just about anything we give her but she sure has a sweet tooth, just like her momma! I usually make her fruit smoothies in the morning and she sometimes eats cereal with that. Then she just eats some of what we are eating for lunch and dinner. She loves her Mac and Cheese and any other kind of noodles. 

*She is so smart! She says "Ball", "Mama", "Dada", "Detta" (Jetta), "Uh Oh", "Yeah", "Outside" and lots of other words that I can't make out yet. When family was in town they thought she was saying "Papa" and "Daylene". I heard the "Papa" but not the "Daylene". 'Ihi even knows where her friend Jetta lives and will go knock on her door when we go for walks!

*'Ihi still loves being outside and points at the door and yells "Outside" when she wants to go out there!

*Shes a full time walker now and is starting to run too! She knows when someone is chasing her and she runs away pretty fast. We are loving her Crocs that we got her last month.

*This month she started sleeping so much better, thank goodness! I started sleep training her again at the beginning of August (a week before I had to start working) and it worked this time. She started sleeping from about 9pm-5am and then eating and going back down til 8ish. We have had some not so good nights in there but for the most part that is her sleeping schedule nowadays.

'Ihi has such a fun and cute personality. She makes everyone around her smile, especially Kahili and I. She is definitely crazy and gives me a run for my money but we love her so much! She started to form more of a bond this month with Kahili and I love watching them play together. 'Ihi thinks Kahili is hilarious and laughs at everything he does. I can't wait to see their relationship blossom. 

And now for the picture overload:
My little gym rat (Yes, she is in a ball cart)
Helping me at my CPR class
Exhausted after a long day in the gym
Daddy was home today so they built a fort in 'Ihi's room while Mommy was working
Chocolate face

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