Saturday, September 15, 2012

My 13 Month old

At church modeling a dress I made for her

Last month she was a baby and now she is a toddler. I have one hilarious toddler. She sure keeps us on our toes with her energy and spunk but {most days} I wouldn't have it any other way! It seems like she has learned so much from the last time I posted and it's only been a couple weeks! 

At 13 months:

*She has learned how to blow kisses. Just like her open mouthed kisses, she puts her hand up to that open mouth and then blows out. It's pretty cute.

*She blows on food if we tell her it is hot.

*She is becoming more of a Daddy's girl everyday! She never used to care if he left or anything but now she cries and it makes my job even more tough. She smiles so big when Daddy walks through the door. I love listening to them play and interact when I am upstairs or in a different room!

*She understands simple commands and obeys {most of the time}. For example, after I change her diaper I hand her the dirty one and tell her to go put it in the trash and she will do it or if we are going out and I ask her to bring me her shoes, she will do that too. Sometimes she only brings one shoe though so we're working on it!

*She loves being Mommy's little helper. She helps me clean the floor if I give her a wipe or if I am picking up the toys and putting them in a basket, she will help me do that. Sometimes right after we are finished she will dump the whole thing and the process starts over. haha

*She finally has enough hair to put up in a little ponytail! Here was her first ponytail ever:

*She has been pretty good with me being in the gym everyday. I try to find her a babysitter/play date at least once a week so that I can have an 'Ihi-free practice. 

*She still has a great personality and makes the silliest faces.

*As of today she has 11 teeth and is still working on cutting one more molar for this round of teething. We have had some rough nights but hopefully when these teeth are all in we will all get some more sleep.

We love our sassy little girl!

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