Monday, July 18, 2011

Visitors from Cali

This past week has been, by far, the busiest week of the summer. Back in May, we found out Coco got in to SOAR camp at BYU so of course I told my mom she should send Daylene to hang out too! Then, the week before they got here, my former coach contacted me and asked me if I wanted to coach volleyball camp that week because they needed some extra help. Well, it was a tough decision because I wanted Daylene to have a fun trip but at the same time, with a baby one the way, I knew we could use the extra money. Not to mention trying to coach volleyball while I was 35 weeks preggo! ha! That was a sight to see.

Anyways, we picked Coco and Daylene up from the airport on Saturday afternoon (after our 1 and only birthing class!) and we were all hungry so we headed to get some food in Salt Lake. Kahili and Coco got some Hawaiian food at Mo Betta Steaks and Daylene and I of course got Chipotle. That evening we went to Nickel City (one of Daylene's favorite things to do in Utah) and then went to an open gym so Kahili and Coco could play some volleyball.

Sunday we went to church and then had a BBQ in honor of Coco's birthday (which was Friday). Kahili grilled up some burgers and I made Brookies (all Coco's requests). While everyone else was hanging out, Daylene and I started on our project. I thought it would be fun for Daylene to get to sew a little while she was here because she told me she wanted to learn when I was in Cali visiting but we didn't have a machine. So before she got here, I went to JoAnnes and picked out some cute fabric and got stuff to make an apron because Daylene has recently taken up baking. It was so fun to watch her and plan out what we were going to do for her apron. I even used some new settings on my machine!

Monday (Kahili and My 2nd Anniversary Day) we dropped Coco off at SOAR and she was definitely not excited. She didn't know anyone that was going to be there and I think she was dreading it because of that. We got a delivery from Edible Arrangements (some delicious chocolate covered strawberries with balloons) from my parents. Then I headed off to camp for the day. Kahili and Daylene had a great time watching Rio in 3D at the dollar theaters and apparently scoping out every store in Utah for a rocking chair for me (even though we decided on no gifts). When I got home and got to admire my gift for a little bit, we went to PF Changs for dinner. Then we got home so Daylene and I could send Kahili off to work for the night. Even though Kahili and I didn't get to spend a lot of time together on our anniversary, it was a nice day.

Tuesday through Thursday are kind of a blur because I was at camp pretty much all day every day. The highlight was on Tuesday when Daylene got to go with me to my doctor appointment and hear her nieces' heartbeat (156 bpm-strong and healthy).

Thursday Daylene went to our cousins house in Highland to hang out with her best friend Hyrum for the rest of the weekend. They went and saw Harry Potter and went to the water park.

Friday Kahili and I went to look at an apartment that we have been on the waiting list for and we finally found out we got it! As of August 5th, we will be living at The Huntington Apartments. We are very excited! I dropped Kahili off to play some basketball then went to see my friend Vivian, my massage therapist. She felt my "energy" and thinks our baby is coming a week or two early! :) Friday night, we went to the SOAR banquet to see what kind of fun Coco has been up to this week. Surprisingly, she had a great time and made so many friends!

Saturday morning, I picked Coco up and we went to watch Kahili play some football. Then we went to my friend Kiam's baby shower. It was so cute! For dinner, we went out to a park with some friends and had a BBQ. Coco and I ate some yummy carne aside.

Sunday, we went to the Pane'es ward because they were speaking and because we wanted to watch the women's US soccer game. After the game, we went to the Tusieseinas for dinner. Hyrum ended up coming over for a sleep over.

Today, we dropped Hyrum off and took Coco and Daylene to the airport. It was a fun week and we were so happy to have the girls here even though it was kind of crazy!

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