Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am completely in love.

...and that is why I have been away from the blogging world for 2 weeks. BUT, i am currently working on the story of her birth and her first 2 doctor appointments. :) more posts to come soon but for now, here are some pictures to hold you over...

I know, picture overload right? well, get used to it!


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to read her birth story!

  2. ok i read it all. lol @ waterfalled! too funny! haha! and i seriously love the name ihi - it is so beautiful!!! i hope she gets to grow up in hawaii with that beautiful name where ppl won't butcher it! and dang, i cant believe u had to go home that many times. i def would've been disappointed too, and im sure spencer would've been annoyed. she just didnt wanna come out! lol. anyways, loved reading the story! r u back from cali yet??

  3. HAHA! I hope she can grow up in hawaii too because nobody over here can pronounce her name right (except you)! lol. we are back from cali and hawaii! lets do something soon (when youre not busy of course :))