Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I guess I admit that I am a tad bit stubborn.
However, I think our little girl is going to be even more stubborn with all that Hawaiian, Chinese, and Samoan blood in her. And, she is already being stubborn in the womb and not wanting to come out early like everyone thought.
Yesterday I hit the 39 weeks mark and had another doctor appointment. Nothing. Doc says if I go into labor this week I will be part of the 2-3% that go into labor when they are not even dilated at their appointment. Sad day. I was very disappointed.
Guess we will have to wait til next week!


  1. Are they planning to induce you? Don't let them! Well at least make sure you know all your options before letting them. I've been watching birthing movies and reading a lot of material from my Lamaze class, and if the baby is healthy and mommy is healthy there's no reason to force the baby out before she's ready. And you know sometimes the doctors aren't always right about our due dates and a lot of times they like to follow their procedures and whatever just because it's convenient for them. Your body knows exactly what to do to bring your baby into the world, it's what we were made for! This is turning into an essay. Say hi to Kahili for me we're friends from high school.

  2.'s okay. My babies liked to stay in me for pretty long too, but I was dilated with both by 39 weeks...thank goodness! lol. but maybe u will be part of that small 2-3%!! lol. Cross ur fingers!! How big are they saying baby is measuring??

  3. Tiffany- I dont know if I will get induced... it depends.
    Crystal- I sure hope I'm the 2-3%! haha. hopefully she comes tonight... ive been having some contractions throughout the day. dr judd said shes probably going to be 8-9 pounds.

  4. Sorry Brooke. I think I got carried away. For some reason I thought they were going to induce you, but I think I just misunderstood what I read. I wonder if you are labor right now! Yikes! IMUA! lol.

  5. haha. its ok! unfortunately no, i am not in labor yet.... hopefully soon! :)