Monday, August 1, 2011

Bad News/Good News

Today we had another doctor appointment.

Bad News: I am not dilated at all. (Which is also good news because it means she will likely stay in there long enough for me to get all moved and unpacked in our new place on Friday)

Good News (i guess....because it means she's healthy):

Doc: Good sized baby... but we already talked about that right?!
Brooke: Ehhhh....yeah. But we never really specified what your definition of 'good sized' is.
Doc: Haha. Well, I'm not talking about a CNN baby- those are the 16 pounders that make the news like the one in Texas a few weeks ago. I'm just saying, at the rate this baby's growing I'd guess she's gonna be an 8 pounder. If I'm wrong, she will be a 9 pounder.
Brooke: ha. ha. ha......aaaa...

Guess I better get back to packing...


  1. Ethan was 9 lbs. Bigger babies are great - there is more to hold and they don't feel so fragile. Good luck with the last few weeks :)

  2. haha! love how u wrote that. lol.