Thursday, August 18, 2011

'Ihi's 1st Doctor Visit

Today we took 4 day old "ihi to the doctor for the first time and she was such a good little girl! She only cried a little bit when the doctor was poking and pulling on her. We showed up to the appointment early and were given tons of paperwork to fill out. Then, we were called back and the guy who came out said, "Uhhh....Soon family?" Haha. He obviously didnt want to butcher her name :) The assistant told me to undress her down to a dry diaper while he asked me tons of questions. When I took off her onesie, she had a wet diaper so I changed her. We were ready to be weighed but there was still some questions so we waited and while we waited, 'ihi let one rip and we all heard that it was a wet one. So, I changed her again. This time, the assistant was ready to weigh her when I was done changing her. She was 7.2 pounds so she had lost 1 oz since her birth. We were happy with that because we were told that most newborns lose about 10% of their birth weight in the first week. She was then measured and we were surprised to find out that she already grew an inch and is now 20.5 inches! Her head also measured 1.5 cm bigger and was 34.5 cm. While we were waiting for the doctor she pooped again and it was Kahili's turn to change her. She *waterfalled* on him. haha. See bottom for definition.

When Dr. Lauret came in (we had never met him before), he looked at Kahili and said, "You look very familiar...". Then he looked down at 'ihi's chart and said, "Soon. Like, Francis Soon?". Kahili was like, "Yeah, that's my dad." Long story short, Dr. Lauret lived in Kaneohe and was in the same ward as Kahili's family when Kahili was growing up. They enjoyed talking about the people they both knew and making connections. Small world. Dr. Lauret examined 'ihi and tested her reflexes and said everything looks good. He mentioned that she is petite for a polynesian baby but that because of her ethnicity, her growth pattern might be slightly different than the normal curve. We will go back next week (with Kahilis' parents per Dr. Lauret's request :)).

*waterfalled- when we are changing 'ihi's dirty diaper and she decides to pee, it looks like a waterfall and we have therefore named it 'waterfalling'

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